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May 19, 20032 mins

Latest Cisco news.

Cisco: 40-Gigabit Ethernet may be next, 05/15/03

The top speed of Ethernet could reach 40G bit/sec within the next two years, a senior Cisco executive said Wednesday. 

Cisco pushes for cable voice, video deployment, 05/13/03

Cisco Monday launched a major push to equip cable operators for new services such as voice and video, announcing a flurry … 

When to move management into the storage network, 05/15/03

The past couple of weeks have been busy with announcements involving intelligent switches. 

Routers grow faster than wireless LANs, 05/15/03

If you can believe it, the high-end router market grew faster than the wireless LAN hardware market in the first quarter of this year … 

Little-known WPA tidbits, 05/14/03

A few informational nuggets about the Wi-Fi Protected Access set of security reinforcements for 802.11-based LANs emerged at … 

Cisco rolls out certification community, 05/13/03

Cisco last week launched a new online community for its certification holders.  

WLAN industry hits security milestone, 05/12/03

You’ve likely heard that the Wi-Fi Alliance at NetWorld+Interop 2003 announced that it has certified the first round of wireless LAN products 

Predictive technologies and self-healing networks, 05/12/03

Like many in the industry – although, perhaps, not that many – I was at NetWorld+Interop in Las Vegas for the last week in April.