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Audio problem with QuickTime and Premiere

Jan 17, 20061 min
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Ran into an interesting audio problem with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 while editing QuickTime MOV files with Big Endian audio compression (no video compression). Every 64 seconds, there’s a skip in the original audio track when it’s played in Premiere. The same cannot be replicated when playing the same file back in the QuickTime Player. The only workaround I’ve found is to convert the MOV files to an AVI (uncompress 48khz 16-bit audio and DV/DVCPRO video) using QuickTime 7.0 Pro, then import the resulting file into Premiere for editing. Given that the file size is shrunk considerably, I am guessing that I am losing some of the video quality. But when it’s ultimately shrunk down to 320×240 pixels and 15 fps streamed at 160Kbps video, that loss isn’t going to matter much.