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Those Enron e-mails

Feb 06, 20061 min
Enterprise Applications

Roger Matus likes to watch. … Oh, calm down, I don’t mean it that way.

Matus is CEO of an e-mail security company called InBoxer and for the past couple years he and his company have made great marketing hay by peering into the e-mail of 176 Enron employees who had the misfortune of getting caught up — or just plain caught — in that corporate debacle.

This week’s ‘Net Buzz examines the latest effort of InBoxer to make that pile of a half-million e-mail messages the poster child for promiscuous e-mail practices. Matus readily admits that it’s “shameless marketing” — but he knows that you like to watch, too.

We first chatted up Matus in November 2004. His company later this month will be releasing InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance.

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