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Google’s enterprise push

Feb 15, 20061 min
Enterprise Applications

Enough about censorship in China and government spying here at home: Google’s march to become more than merely a headline-generating curiosity in enterprise IT shops took a step forward yesterday with the announcement of a partnership with systems integrator BearingPoint.

Searching with Google is remarkably simple for consumers.

But there’s nothing simple about enterprise search, which is why Google needs the expertise of a company like BearingPoint to bring its Google Search Appliance deeper into the corporate world.

            From my Network World colleague John Fontana’s story yesterday: “The idea is we sell a very general-purpose platform for search,” says Dave Girouard, general manager for Google Enterprise Solutions. “The needs within different vertical industries and the different types of information sources they need to access vary dramatically. You need to be pretty deep into those industries to have hands-on knowledge of all those data sources. BearingPoint will scope how those companies can best use search and implement a customized version of Google search that works with their business.”

            If the business happens to be located in Beijing, well …

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