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Dire crime predictions: RSA 2006

Feb 22, 20061 min
Enterprise Applications

Now that I’ve had a chance to digest and recover, here are the crime trends I picked from government and malware researchers at RSA last week: – Malware on cell phones in Europe is endemic. As soon as we standardize on a cell phone operating system in U.S. we’re pretty much equally screwed. The FBI and researchers believe this will happen this year. – In nearly 90 percent of cases, the Internet and spyware are being used in domestic violence cases by abusive spouses, ex’s and stalkers who use online information brokers and spyware to gather information about their victims. – The DMV thinks it should be responsible for a national ID card that would negate all forms of identification including birth certificates. A single point of failure if I ever saw one, not to mention the DMV is already so well ‘owned’ by black and gray hatters.


Deb Radcliff is an investigative journalist and analyst focused on computer crime and security. She is author of the popular cyber thriller series, “Breaking Backbones,” available at Amazon.

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