9 Linux podcasts you should follow

What better way to keep up with Linux than listening to the experts talk about it while you're working or driving?

There are a number of great websites that report on Linux-related news. But sometimes it's nice to listen to your news while driving to work...or playing in the background while getting some actual work done.

For that, you need podcasts. But with so many out there, where do you start? With that question in mind, I present to you some of the best podcasts (both audio and video) that the Linux world has to offer.

This Week In Linux – A great series of short videos covering, predominantly Linux and Android specific topics, produced by Jordan Keyes. It is always high-quality and extremely information-dense. This is, in my opinion, one of the “must watch” shows out there.

FLOSS Weekly – Part of the TWiT network, FLOSS Weekly (“Free Libre Open Source Software”) is hosted by Randal Schwartz – who is an all-around good dude – and a generally rotating crew of co-hosts. Longer shows (typically around an hour) and usually focused on a single topic (or interview). It’s more Open Source-oriented and less Linux-oriented (read: Lots of web technology discussion). If I could describe this show in one word it would be “cheesy.” But that can be a good thing.

Linux Action Show – Full disclosure here. I created this show back in 2006 – and left the show in the hands of my co-host in 2011. But, all narcissism aside, this is a quality show that (despite my absence) remains an excellent source of Linux news and reviews. It’s roughly one-hour long, somewhat video-centric...and very “morning drive time radio” in style.

The Linux Link Tech Show – This is the granddaddy of Linux podcasts, running continuously since 2003 (almost 10 years now). The show is extremely laid-back in style, often starting out with several minutes of the hosts’ casual chit-chat while setting up the remainder of the show, which typically runs about two and a half hours long. The result is that it feels like hanging out with the guys down at a local Linux User Group...which isn't a bad thing, unless, of course, you don't like user groups.

Going Linux – A relaxed, amateur (I use that in the absolutely most respectful way) style podcast. It feels like listening to AM radio - very laid back, focusing on how-to's and good information for those new to Linux.

Linux Outlaws – How to describe this show... “A German and a Brit walk into a bar and chat about Linux.” Heavy emphasis on the “walk into a bar” part (read: not safe for work). Sometimes funny. Sometimes Linux related. Sometimes not. But it is worth checking out to see if this is your style.

Mint Cast – Like many Linux shows, the style is very laid back. And, despite what the name suggests, “Mint Cast” is not just about the “Linux Mint” distribution. Good, smart guys who do a run-down of the recent Linux news with some great commentary.

Ubuntu UK – A great show by a great group of folks over in the UK. Good-natured and up-beat (but still relaxed), it feels a great deal like watching a British comedy chat show...about Linux. Plus, they have great taste in music.

World of Linux – This is my show. It’s focused on interviews with key members of the greater Linux community, with 8-bit inspired artwork. It is absolutely terrible. Nobody should watch it. Ever. (It's not self-promotion if I tell you to NOT watch it...right?).

There you go. Nine shows, all about Linux and all quite different in either style or content. If you could manage to catch all of them you'll probably know just about everything there is to know about Linux. Probably.

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