Girl trouble forces top LinuxChix to quit

Mary Gardiner, the Australia-based coordinator of international group LinuxChix has resigned due to a major mismatch in goals.

In a resignation statement sent out to LinuxChix lists on Wednesday, the Sydney-based Gardiner said "LinuxChix should be run by someone with a better relationship with its current (implicit) goals."

LinuxChix is an international open source group for women who are interested in Linux and anyone who wishes to support women in computing.

Gardiner's resignation comes only 2 months into her two-year term, which she intended to finish on 31 March, 2009.

Her resignation is the latest event in an ongoing dispute over IRC administration within LinuxChix.

Gardiner said of the dispute: "Yes that's part of it and it has illuminated for me many of the ways that I'm not a good fit for LinuxChix as coordinator, that my goals are best achieved elsewhere."

In events occurring two weeks prior to the resignation, Gardiner chose Val Henson as an IRC Czar, a decision that was made without discussion or input from the LinuxChix volunteers. This action angered many and lead to a letter from a group of volunteers posted on June 12, stating: "We are at a point where some drastically different actions need to be taken. A significant number of volunteers of LinuxChix feel hurt, disappointed, and not listened to. Many have lost trust in the leadership of LinuxChix."

Carla Schroder, who was banned from the IRC-admin and volunteer channels and had her IRC ops removed by Gardiner, took it one step further, stating on an IRC post: "As it stands now, Mary and Val Henson have hijacked LinuxChix."

Gardiner believes her time as coordinator was not wasted despite her early departure.

"I'm very pleased with many of the changes I've made to the LinuxChix infrastructure during my time as coordinator, particularly the new website team and the larger sysadmin team. I hope they will serve LinuxChix well in the future."

Gardiner states in her resignation post that she hopes the LinuxChix volunteers list will discuss future leadership of the group, and she is happy for the group to use the ideas she contributed during her time as coordinator.

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