Samba switches to GPLv3

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Samba switches to GPLv3 - LinuxWorld, 07/10/07: Samba developers have definitively switched future versions of the software to the GPL v3 licence, which could have a serious impact on companies maintaining software patent covenants.

Update: Get the details on GPLv3's impact on Samba users and distributors in an exclusive new podcast. Details below, in the "Community" section.

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Novell to SUSE users: Don’t worry about Microsoft’s stand on GPLv3 - LinuxWorld, 07/08/07: Microsoft moves to avoid any legal ambiguity over GPLv3, but Novell says SUSE Linux users have nothing to worry about.

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E-mail worms rarer in 2007, says vendor - LinuxWorld, 07/05/07: E-mail worms, not long ago the scourge of the Internet, have declined sharply in 2007, a security company has revealed.

LinuxWorld Community

Samba goes GPLv3: Jeremy Allison, 07/11/07: The software that enables Linux to act as a Windows file and print server is adopting the Free Software Foundation's new license. What will be the impact on users, distributors, and appliance vendors? (podcast, 9:32)

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