Collaboration FAQ

Some frequently asked questions about collaboration and presence.

Here are some frequently asked questions about collaboration and presence:

What is real-time collaboration?

Real-time collaboration integrates multiple presence-enabled tools, including instant messaging, videoconferencing, Web conferencing, and phone. As an example, collaboration can begin as an instant message and easily escalate into a Web conference or videoconference. While IM is often considered real-time, it is actually a near-real-time tool.

What is presence?

Presence is the ability of a person or a device to communicate with others and display levels of availability. Both users and programs determine availability. If a calendar indicates someone has a meeting at 10 a.m., a user's presence status automatically changes at that time. If a user picks up the phone and the PBX or IP-PBX is integrated with the collaboration system, the user's presence status will indicate he or she is on a call.

How much do presence tools cost?

IBM Lotus Sametime costs $55 per user for a perpetual license that includes upgrades and support for a year. There is no additional cost for server software. Microsoft Live Communications Server costs $4,969 for a server license plus 25 client access licenses. There is no additional cost for the Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 client software.

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