RingCentral buys Glip; integrates with Oracle Sales Cloud

RingCentral, a cloud communication solutions provider, announced it has acquired Glip, a company that develops cloud-based applications including messaging and collaboration. Glip also designs applications to enhance employee productivity with apps that work in tandem with task management, group calendars, notes, annotations, and file sharing. Glip is integrated business collaboration elements such as those provided by Asana, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, JIRA, GitHub, Google, and Zendesk.

Glip’s applications, now renamed as RingCentral Teams, will be integrated into RingCentral’s services and made available as part of the RingCentral Office portfolio. RingCentral also plans to keep the current stand-alone Glip application, renamed, available for web, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android for all current and future customers. Glip was founded in 2012, with customers including IBM, CBS Interactive, The Economist, Harvard University, and others.

Vlad Shmunis, founder and CEO of RingCentral, commented on the acquisition in a statement, saying, “Today’s mobile and distributed workforce requires a new generation of enterprise communication solutions. Glip extends our platform by adding powerful team messaging and collaboration services. Together we’ll deliver the industry’s first integrated cloud business communications and team collaboration solution, which will empower teams to work across all locations, devices, and modes of communication.”

Peter Pezaris added, “We started Glip with the vision of empowering employees to work more efficiently by developing a world-class messaging solution with integrated productivity tools. We’re excited to join RingCentral to take our vision even further by combining with their state-of-the-art business communications platform.”

In a separate announcement, RingCentral disclosed that its RingCentral Office solution is now available as an integrated solution in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. RingCentral’s integration provides communications capabilities such as click-to-dial, screen pop-up and automatic call notes to Oracle Sales Cloud, enhancing the Oracle Cloud Marketplace with an integrated solution for business communication. The integration with Oracle Sales Cloud is enabled by the RingCentral Connect Platform using a set of tools and services to build and manage custom integrations using RingCentral APIs.

“Our integration with Oracle Sales Cloud brings powerful business communication to large corporations,” said Richard Borenstein, SVP of Business Development for RingCentral in a statement. “Helping increase workflow efficiency through RingCentral’s capabilities can improve productivity for potentially millions of end users. Integrating business communications with customer relationship management (CRM) effectively streamlines prospect conversation, cutting down on the time and resources it takes to close deals.”

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