Celebrating our 30th anniversary

9 ways technology will change within the next 10 years

Network World 30th Anniversary: Reimagined productivity apps, more diversity in the workforce and Cisco getting stronger in next 10 years

Celebrating our 30th anniversary

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Ten years ago, there were no smartphones. It was the coffeeshop era of Wi-Fi, which meant that the Internet was just beginning to follow us out the door and into the world. Amazon first released EC2, to some confusion.

Nowadays, of course, Wi-Fi and mobile data are almost ubiquitous, smartphones have hit market saturation in the most developed nations, and EC2 is a cornerstone of modern business IT. The pace of technological progress continues to accelerate, it seems, as entire new product categories change the way we live and do business, and there’s no end in sight.

Here’s our look ahead to 10 years in the future, and how the tech world may change.

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Dan Bricklin

What we think of as productivity apps will change out of all recognition

Sure, they’ve moved to the cloud and gotten a bit smarter over the years, but the productivity apps we use every day have remained functionally the same since their advent – a word processor is still a word processor, regardless of whether it’s WordStar or Google Docs, and a spreadsheet is still a spreadsheet, be it Lotus or Excel 2013.

However, no less than the inventor of the spreadsheet himself, Dan Bricklin, told Network World that that’s going to change within the next 10 years.

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