Internet Hall of Fame making a comeback in 2017

Internet Society, celebrating its 25th anniversary, opens up nomination process for Internet Hall of Fame's Class of 2017

The Internet Hall of Fame, a virtual museum celebrating the living history of the Internet, is back seeking a new class of inductees after going quiet for the past couple of years.

A spokeswoman for the Internet Society, which fights the good fight for an open and secure Internet, says "we wanted to take some time to get the inductees more involved in the program and get their insights to make sure it was positioned and well-structured for the long-term. We now have an Advisory Board of inductees who provide leadership on the program’s direction and are responsible for the selection of the next class of inductees. With 2017 as the Internet Society’s 25th anniversary, we felt it was the ideal time to host the next induction ceremony."

The public nominating process for inductees, categorized as pioneers, global connectors and innovators, is open through March 15. The Hall opened in 2012 and inducted its last class in 2014.

About 90 individuals have been inducted into the Hall to date, including Mr. Ethernet, Bob Metcalfe, as well as Web creator Tim Berners-Lee and Radia Perlman of spanning tree protocol fame.

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Nominations in 2017 are open for:

  • Pioneers who were instrumental in the Internet's evolution;
  • Innovators who made outstanding technological, commercial, regulatory or policy advances;
  • Global Connectors who contributed to the growth, connectivity, and use of the Internet that resulted in global impact.

The next class of inductees will be announced in September.

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