Where are all the IoT experts going to come from?

The fast growth of the internet of things (IoT) is creating a need to train cross-functional experts who can combine traditional networking and infrastructure expertise with database and reporting skills.

If the internet of things (IoT) is going to fulfill its enormous promise, it’s going to need legions of smart, skilled, trained workers to make everything happen. And right now, it’s not entirely clear where those people are going to come from.

That’s why I was interested in trading emails with Keith Flynn, senior director of product management, R&D at asset-optimization software company AspenTech, who says that when dealing with the slew of new technologies that fall under the IoT umbrella, you need people who can understand how to configure the technology and interpret the data. Flynn sees a growing need for existing educational institutions to house IoT-specific programs, as well as an opportunity for new IoT-focused private colleges, offering a well -ounded curriculum

“In the future,” Flynn told me, “IoT projects will differ tremendously from the general data management and automation projects of today. … The future requires a more holistic set of skills and cross-trading capabilities so that we’re all speaking the same language.”

With the IoT growing 30% a year, Flynn added, rather than a few specific skills, “everything from traditional deployment skills, like networking and infrastructure, to database and reporting skills and, frankly, even basic data science, need to be understood together and used together.”

Calling all IoT consultants

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