Report: Smart-city IoT isn’t smart enough yet

A report from Forrester Research details vulnerabilities affecting smart-city internet of things (IoT) infrastructure and offers some methods of mitigation.

Report: Smart-city IoT isn’t smart enough yet
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Security arrangements for smart-city IoT technology around the world are in an alarming state of disrepair, according to a report from Forrester Research that argues serious changes are needed in order to avoid widespread compromises.

Much of what’s wrong has to do with a lack of understanding on the part of the people in charge of those systems and a failure to follow well-known security best practices, like centralized management, network visibility and limiting attack-surfaces.

Those all pose stiff challenges, according to “Making Smart Cities Safe And Secure,” the Forrester report by Merritt Maxim and Salvatore Schiano. The attack surface for a smart city is, by default, enormous, given the volume of Internet-connected hardware involved. Some device, somewhere, is likely to be vulnerable, and with the devices geographically spread out it’s difficult to secure all types of access to them.

Worse still, some legacy systems can be downright impossible to manage and update in a safe way. Older technology often contains no provision for live updates, and its vulnerabilities can be severe, according to the report. Physical access to some types of devices also remains a serious challenge. The report gives the example of wastewater treatment plants in remote locations in Australia, which were sabotaged by a contractor who accessed the SCADA systems directly.

In addition to the risk of compromised control systems, the generalized insecurity of smart city IoT makes the vast amounts of data that it generates highly suspect. Improperly configured devices could collect more information than they’re supposed to, including personally identifiable information, which could violate privacy regulations. Also, the data collected is analyzed to glean useful information about such things as parking patterns, water flow and electricity use, and inaccurate or compromised information can badly undercut the value of smart city technology to a given user.

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