IT Teams Dealing with Great Expectations and Stress

IT pros ponder road to success as transformation efforts raise their profile and heighten security needs.

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At some companies, it seems as though IT teams have transformed from company scapegoat to company G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time). Amidst a momentous digital transformation, IT teams were essential in easing the massive business disruptions of 2020 and 2021 by enabling a massive shift to remote work and rapid upswing in digital commerce.

With anticipation that 2022 will be a more stable year than the previous two, it’s a good time to examine the role of IT and the expanding expectation of how teams can support and secure line-of-business (LOB) initiatives outside of traditional security perimeters. That was the topic eagerly debated by participants in an #IDGTechTalk Twitter chat sponsored by @ComcastBusiness November 18th.

“IT has always supported LOB initiatives, but today, IT is expected to support innovation + standards + security - and that can create conflicts when LOB wants autonomy #IDGTechTalk,” said moderator Isaac Sacolick (@nyike) in kicking off the session.

There was general agreement IT is stepping up for LOBs, or at least trying:

I’ve always been a big advocate of collaboration between IT and LOB leaders. You have to give them tools and empower them to create solutions, but this is only successful w/ guardrails put in place by IT. As a #nocode #lowcode platform, we practice what we preach #IDGTechTalk. 
Deb Gildersleeve (@DebGildersleeve)
Determine LoB objectives. See how IT can support those objectives. Always think about and remind about security as not only an IT thing but an organization-wide thing. Hence, culture change needs to happen. #IDGTechTalk 
Arsalan Khan (@ArsalanAKhan)

But there’s also sentiment that morale among IT staffers is suffering from prolonged stress as expectations have ramped up:

I am seeing much frustration due to a skills shortage paired with uncertainty re the new normal. IT is not being given a chance to express its needs.  #IDGTechTalk
Steven M Prentice (@StevenPrentice)
Orgs have to be empathetic right now. Everyone’s lives have changed as a result of the pandemic. Grind culture has shifted and many aren’t ‘living to work’. TRUE flexibility and empathy is needed from the top down.  #IDGTechTalk
Clare Brown (@ClareBrownIDG)
If you are a #CIO, I challenge you - #leadership is hard, THIS is a chance to lead. Show your people are more than listings on a spreadsheet. Help peers and board see the business value of employee retention through calculated #culture and people resilience.  #IDGTechTalk
Wayne Anderson (@DigitalSecArch)

Taking note of the growing cooperation between IT networking teams and security operations, participants weighed in on how to make sure those efforts succeed.

Network teams need a seat at the project team table starting with planning on day 1.
Will Kelly (@willkelly)
Beyond that, security is no longer a function off in a back room. Security best practices need to be brought into every level and really be considered by every role in #IT.  #IDGTechTalk
Deb Gildersleeve (@DebGildersleeve)

And TechTalkers weren’t bashful in offering advise – and caution – to IT leaders on how to succeed and optimize skills of their internal teams to meet new business demands.

Cross-training team members with an eye for the future that is aligned with LoBs short-term and long-term objectives.  #IDGTechTalk
Arsalan Khan (@ArsalanAKhan)
Beware of the 10x, rock star, ninja, superhero, fire fighter types and roles. Your optimal mix of scale-up (senior) and scale-out (lots of junior/regular) folks for any required skill set may vary.  #IDGTechTalk
Chris (@CPetersen_CS)

For more on how evolving enterprise objectives are impacting IT, read “As Enterprises Transform, So Does Edge Security.” 


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