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larry chaffin
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Hoping for WAN Acceleration at CES on mobile phones is heartbreaking

Jan 07, 20112 mins
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Will it be Cisco or Riverbed who wins this battle?

For the last two years I have waited for CES and Interop to see if a cellular carrier will come forward with a plan to provide WAN Acceleration for mobile phones. Each year I am filled with more doubts that we will never see it as that would cost the carriers more money in bandwidth lost and not billed. But at some point there has to be that one person at a carrier like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile that says can we try it? With all of the applications, video, web and streaming media there has to come a point where WAN Acceleration is needed.

I was thinking of a mobile client for the phones, use a SD Card and give it a 1GB data store. Then place it on the phone where normal users cannot get to it and mess with it. This would also be a great play for the carriers to put a mobile client on tablets. Reducing the amount of data between the carrier and the consumer can only help everyone. It could be the answer for AT&T with the iPhone and iPad troubles they currently have and the millions who are looking to go to Verizon. But current Verizon customers are not looking forward to that day when their network comes to a standstill due to the Iphone and IPad.

Somehow the mobile carriers need to work with the phone manufactures and the wan acceleration vendors to come up with a solution. I am sure that somewhere down the road Cisco or Riverbed will come out with a mobile client for the Apple products to be sold on the Apple Store or direct to companies. But that is only going to solve the phone or data problem back to that enterprise company; it would not reduce the data from the phone to the cellular site or carrier data center.

If I was running Verizon I would have already had this installed on the new 4G phones and have some wan acceleration vendor in my data centers or pops just for phone and mobile data. **If you need some more ideas Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T call me**

The carriers could also install a mobile client in the 4G USB sticks and Hotspots, which would accelerate data better. Just another idea for the cellular carriers.