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Absolutely brilliant: Windows upgrades through the years

Mar 03, 20111 min
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Video shows Windows Upgrades for every version of Windows from 1.0

Here’s a brilliant video from Chain of Fools showing an upgrade installation of every version of Windows since 1.0 (with the exception of ME, since ME couldn’t be upgraded to Windows 2000).

You can see how Windows strength is its backward compatibility: 20 years worth! I actually still have one of those 16-bit Windows 2000 applications running today on my Windows 7 machine: Cardfile … and I use it almost daily. Cardfile was an application to replicate the old physical Rolodex which was what people used as a contact manager back in the day. I shocked one of Network World’s desktop IT specialists when I insisted on installing it on Windows 7 (“Why do you still want to run a 16-bit Windows accessory app?” She gawked. … I answered in two parts: 1) I’ve got my contacts in it and if it ain’t broke, I don’t want to fix it by using something else and 2) because I can.)

What ancient Windows apps do you still run?

Enjoy the trip down memory lane.