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10 best products for next-gen network infrastructures

Feb 20, 20073 mins

10 best products for next-gen network infrastructures

Network World this week presents its choices for the 10 most innovative products for data centers in the 21st century.

Cisco gives Apple more time for iPhone lawsuit response

Cisco has given Apple a further extension on the deadline to respond to its lawsuit concerning the iPhone name, the company said late Thursday.

Smokers may be the weak IT security link

Where there’s smoke, there’s a door. A U.K. security company is warning that smokers may impact IT security, leaving open doors that could let in intruders who could abuse a company’s network.

Exclusive: AT&T focused on overseas network expansion

With its $86 billion BellSouth acquisition completed, AT&T has its sights set on the rest of the world.

Y2K memories breed complacency as daylight-saving time deadline looms

When Y2K came and went without a major upheaval of the world’s IT infrastructure, it left a legacy of complacency that may come back to haunt IT departments when changes to daylight-saving time take effect on March 11, according to Forrester …

Mitsubishi Electric eyes 10Gbps secure VPNs, FTTH

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has developed a prototype encryption device that can handle IPSec v2 on 10Gbps Ethernet.

3GSM – Fring aims to cut cell phone costs with VoIP

Avi Shechter, co-founder and CEO of Fringland Ltd. (Fring), could be on to something big with the launch of a cheap Internet-based phone service that runs over mobile networks. But the Israeli entrepreneur could also be in for the fight of his life.

FTC chief: Pop-up bombardment is bad business

Over the past few years, computer crimes and annoyances have become an increasingly important part of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s work. In the past year, the FTC has announced settlements with spammers, adware distributors, and even Sony BMG …

Video interview: Better security through industry standards

Does your computer come with the Trusted Platform Module and how can take advantage of it? Wave Systems CEO Steven Sprague explains this under-promoted security standard on this week’s Network World Hot Seat.

Buzzblog: It’s not a four-letter word

This time the book censors are tossing stones at “The Higher Power of Lucky,” a Newbery Medal winner for excellence in children’s literature. The offense: use of a word that might not get by spam filters but shouldn’t offend humans.

Today on Layer 8, where we think dial-up connections would solve lots of these security issues:Is it possible that your home broadband router could be hijacked by malicious threat-mongers? Definitely, and quite easily according to a report and white paper from Symantec and the Indiana University School of Informatics.How to:helps a user figure out if Wi-Fi hot spots are reliable enough for workers on the road.

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From the blogs and forums:burgeoning power consumption in U.S. data centers. One user says coffee drinkers are more of a risk to data centers than smokers. Mark Gibbs ponders predicting (or not) disk failures. Users debate a Microsoft/IBM slap fight over document formats. Paul McNamara applauds a judge for dismissing a lawsuit that would have held MySpace to the same standards as daycare centers.

On Layer 8, Michael Cooney looks at