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Digital lifestyle, Part II; DSL, Part II (in which we lose our minds)

Jan 24, 20062 mins
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* Backspin: Digital lifestyle, Part II * Gearhead: DSL, Part II (in which we lose our minds) * The past 7 days on Gibbsblog

Backspin: Digital lifestyle, Part II

My column the week before last on “The myth of the digital lifestyle” provided some interesting feedback (much of which you can read on Gibbsblog).

To read this week’s Backspin in its entirety, please go to:

Gearhead: DSL, Part II (in which we lose our minds)

Last week we recounted the next chapter in sorting out our DSL issues with AT&T (“powered by SBC,” as their greeting would have it, as if this were a positive piece of branding that somehow ameliorates the rage felt by customers calling with severe service problems).

To read this week’s Gearhead in its entirety, please go to:

The past 7 days on Gibbsblog

British ISP complaint

It seems that consumer telecom providers are really pretty crap worldwide. As proof I offer you NTL Group Ltd. in the UK who you will find – without having to look too hard – have a lot of unhappy customers.

Although I can’t confirm the truth of the following letter of complaint (written as only one of my fellow countrymen can) it would seem to be in-line with overall NTL consumer feeling …ttp://


Task Manager replacement (for Bob C.)

I was talking with Bob C. earlier today and mentioned one of my favorite utilities that can replace Windows’ Task Manager. So, here you go Bob, here’s the scoop …

The truth about identity theft

“Hackers and spyware don’t lead to identity theft. Stupid people do.” So claims an article I just stumbled across posted in May 2005 on the blog “Trenchier”.

Light show

A way cool sculpture that features a levitated lightbulb that is actually switched on.

Badly designed Web sites and other annoyances

From a Cingularly poor excuse of a customer-service site to clueless spamming politicians, I tackle irritants in Backspin this week. Your thoughts?

Staying out of sight with Anonym.OS

An interesting open source “live” CD called Anonym.OS v1.0 has been released by kaos.theory security research. It is interesting because …


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