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Wireless was investors’ darling of 2005

Jan 24, 20069 mins
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Wireless was investors’ darling of 2005, 01/24/06

In 2005, software remained the IT segment that attracted the most venture capital dollars, but telecom also saw a welcomed uptick as many investors chased down wireless companies with checkbook in hand.

Competition pressures Vodafone results, 01/24/06

Stiff competition in some European countries is putting pressure on Vodafone Group, but growth in emerging markets such as Egypt and South Africa helped the operator report solid customer growth for its third quarter, Vodafone announced on Tuesday.

Opera to launch Mini worldwide, 01/24/06

Opera Software Tuesday plans to officially launch Opera Mini, although this hosted mobile phone browsing service and application has already racked up about 1 million users.

Help Desk: The case of the sneaky daughter and the wireless card, 01/23/06

My 16 year old daughter has wireless Internet access with her notebook computer. My wife and I control the signal by putting the modem on a timer, thus not allowing her to access the Internet after 12:00 am. She’s a high-school student and we want her …

Nokia, Intel and others back mobile TV standard, 01/23/06

Mobile telecommunications heavyweights Nokia, Motorola and Texas Instruments are among the founding members of a new group introduced on Monday that backs the Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld mobile TV standard in North America. The Mobile DTV …

Supreme Court won’t hear BlackBerry case, 01/23/06

The U.S. Supreme Court won’t review the patent infringement dispute between Research in Motion and NTP, closing down one of the BlackBerry mobile device vendor’s avenues against NTP’s suit, RIM said in a statement Monday.

Verizon Business launches with new wireless services, 01/23/06

Verizon on Monday launched a new division that markets telecommunication services to large businesses across the U.S., including a new integrated wireline and wireless package available to large organizations.

Securing remote-access networks, 01/23/06

As remote access to business networks increases and as threats against these networks grow, IT executives need to support technology that is flexible and that can combat evolving attacks effectively.

Symbol shows its rugged side with new handheld device, 01/23/06

Symbol last week unveiled a wireless handheld specifically designed for enterprise users and that the company says is more rugged than the typical device for such customers.

New Trojan horses threaten cell phones, 01/23/06

Three new malicious programs are hitting certain mobile phones, anti-virus companies have warned. The Trojan horses, or programs that are disguised as legitimate applications, spread via Bluetooth or multimedia messages and can affect phones running …

DoCoMo taps Taiwan’s HTC for Windows-based 3G handsets, 01/23/06

Taiwan’s High Tech Computer Corp. has signed an agreement with NTT DoCoMo to provide handsets based on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0 software for DoCoMo’s 3G Foma mobile service.

Nokia seeks patent for mobile emergency feature, 01/23/06

Women, children, millionaires and just about anyone worried about being assaulted or abducted should be interested in a new mobile phone emergency feature being developed Nokia.

Supreme Court refuses to hear RIM’s case, 01/23/06

The U.S. Supreme Court said it will not review the patent infringement dispute between Research in Motion and its adversary NTP.

Weblog: Palm does Windows: the new Treo 700w, 01/20/06

Cool Tools Editor Keith Shaw takes the first Windows-powered Palm device for a spin on Verizon’s EV-DO cellnet. Check out his video review .

More on that Windows Wi-Fi “anomaly”, 01/20/06

Cirond CEO Nicholas Miller weighs in on the vulnerability, which he says he was talking about nearly 18 months ago. Here’s our original posting on the problem. And Preston Gralla, at O’Reilly Annoyances Central, outlines the simple steps needed to …

Weblog: RIM: Apocalypse is nigh, 01/19/06

In court arguments against a possible shut down of its Blackberry service, Research in Motion warned that halting service could threaten U.S. public safety and cripple the economy. Meanwhile.. ..RIM’s legal nemisis, NTP, urged the federal judge to …

WiMAX group acts to head off surprises, 01/19/06

After last-minute clarifications to a standard delayed its first product certifications, the WiMAX Forum has asked a task group of the IEEE to put off clarifications that may come for the upcoming mobile standard, according to the head of the forum.

Weblog: Windows Wi-Fi security hole, 01/19/06

An “anomaly” in Windows XP and Windows 2003 can leave a wireless laptop vulnerable to attack . The full details have been posted in a document by Mark Loveless, a senior researcher with Vernier Networks. There are several workarounds, Loveless says, …

Analysis: WiMAX focuses in on business, 01/19/06

WiMAX is still off in the distance as a home broadband service, held down by high-priced equipment, according to vendors and service providers, but some vendors see businesses signing up for the wireless broadband soon.

First mobile WiMAX chipset released, 01/19/06

WiMAX silicon start-up Beceem Communications, San Jose, Calif., says it has released the first client-side chipset that supports the recently ratified IEEE 802.16e mobile WiMAX standard. The chipset would let a client device connect to a WiMAX base …

Weblog: IEEE adopts specification for 802.11n, 01/19/06

As expected, the IEEE 802.11n Task Group has voted unanimously to accept a proposed compromise specification as the basis for a new high-throughput wireless LAN standard. Incredibly,.. ..chipmaker Broadcom is already claiming to have a chipset that is …

WiMAX Forum certifies first batch of gear, 01/19/06

The WiMAX Forum reached a long-awaited goal Thursday, putting its first four seals of approval on a batch of products that use the new wireless broadband technology.

Draft standard chosen for faster Wi-Fi, 01/19/06

The task group working on a new, faster standard for Wi-Fi, called IEEE 802.11n, has settled on a draft proposal that will now be refined into a final specification.

Newsletter: Where are the hybrid Wi-Fi-cellular phones?, 01/18/06

There are a fair number of dual-mode mobile devices that let you run data over either a mobile WAN or a Wi-Fi LAN. There are plenty of mobile voice and data …

WORLD CUP – German soccer team learning to tackle the Web, 01/18/06

Germany’s national soccer team may not be the most tech-savvy in the world, according to its manager, but things could improve with the introduction of a Web-connected bus to get them to and from matches.

Weblog: Solar Wi-Fi, 01/18/06

Scotland is testing lampposts with solar panels that not only power the light but also a wireless access point , which could use either Wi-Fi or WiMAX radios. It’s called the StarSight Project , a joint effort by Fife-based Compliance Technology …

Microsoft downplays Windows Wi-Fi ‘anomaly’, 01/18/06

A design flaw in Windows XP and Windows 2003 systems with built-in wireless capabilities could be exploited by hackers to lure Wi-Fi users into connecting to malicious wireless networks, according to Microsoft, which recently completed an …

Adjustments to standard hold up WiMAX certification, 01/18/06

A set of clarifications to the standard for fixed WiMAX that were released in November has pushed back the certification of the first official WiMAX products, which was forecast to occur by year-end but had not yet taken place, the WiMAX Forum said …

WORLD CUP – Why a paper ticket if an SMS will do?, 01/18/06

New mobile phone ticketing technology could soon push paper-based tickets to the sidelines in many European soccer stadiums, ski resorts, trade shows and other large venues, according to an industry executive.

Opera releases beta browser for Pocket PC, 01/18/06

A few months later than planned, Opera Software Wednesday announced that it has released a beta version of its first Web browser for the Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

BenQ Mobile needs a ‘hit’ to become profitable, 01/18/06

After a bruising financial performance in 2005, Taiwanese electronics maker BenQ hopes to see its money-losing mobile phone division return to profitability later this year. But that may not happen unless the company can turn out hit products in the …

RFID for trucks coming to California ports, 01/18/06

PierPass, a nonprofit company owned by marine terminal operators at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, plans to equip up to 10,000 trucks with WhereNet RFID tags to enhance security around the trucks entering the two facilities. WhereNet is also …

Weblog: Aussie cops use SMS message to track drug dealing, 01/17/06

When someone tries to buy quantities of pseudoephedrine, which is used in making illegal amphetamines.. .. automated text messages from Queensland drugstores now alert the cops. The software was created by the Pharmacy Guild of Queensland. It sends an …

Weblog: Is IEEE ultra wideband dead?, 01/17/06

Apparently, there’s some dispute over how long the effort to create a 480Mbps short-range wireless standard has to live. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, which featured an array of ultra wideband components and some products, former FCC chief …

Weblog: Wireless laptop troubleshooting, 01/17/06

NW’s Ron Nutter has some suggestions for diagnosing wireless troubles on your laptop. What’s been the most frequent, or the biggest, trouble for you?

Wireless options expand, forcing IT to be flexible, 01/17/06

IT managers are facing an increasingly complex array of wireless technology choices, with new offerings such as WiMAX-certified devices and notebook PCs that have built-in support for third-generation networks adding to the options that IT has to …

BenQ Mobile unveils first co-branded handsets, 01/17/06

BenQ Mobile GmbH & Co. OHG, the mobile handset unit of Taiwanese electronics maker BenQ, unveiled its first three handsets to bear the new BenQ-Siemens brand on Tuesday at events held simultaneously in Beijing and Berlin.

Opera, Bytemobile speed up wireless surfing, 01/17/06

Future mobile phones that come with Opera Mobile browsers should get a speed boost thanks to a partnership announced Tuesday between Opera Software and Bytemobile.

Motorola buys Linux set-top box platform developer, 01/17/06

Motorola plans to expand its range of digital television set-top boxes with the acquisition of a Swedish specialist in IPTV equipment for an undisclosed sum.

Taiwan’s Asustek gains approval to buy Askey, 01/17/06

Asustek Computer, the world’s largest maker of computer motherboards and one of Taiwan’s biggest technology companies, has received final government approval to acquire a Taiwanese maker of networking devices.