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NetFlash: Old-school VoIP, Cisco VPN flaw, Fed delay and more

Jan 27, 20062 mins

* Old-school VoIP * Fed delay on $20 billion network costs carriers * Cisco VPN gear vulnerable to DoS attacks * Lotus takes aim at blogs, wikis and feeds * Users fume over gov't BlackBerry users' exemption * Weekend Edition * Network World celebrates 20 years

Old-school VoIP

Collectors of antique phones are hooking them up using a newfangled technology: VoIP. Somehow this seems like cheating. Shouldn’t they have to use a manual switchboard? Find out how they’re doing it – and build your own.

Fed delay on $20 billion network costs carriers

The federal government earlier this year asked for bids for a huge network contract. But in a surprise move somewhat reminiscent of FEMA vs. Katrina, it is delaying any deals, and that could cost carriers millions. See our full story.

Cisco VPN gear vulnerable to DoS attacks

Organizations running certain Cisco VPN gear may be susceptible to a remote denial-of-service attack that could knock out network connections for teleworkers or traveling employees accessing a corporate network over the Internet. Click here for details.

Lotus takes aim at blogs, wikis and feeds

IBM/Lotus plans to expand its corporate collaboration tools by adding social relationship, behavior mapping and alerting technology that lets users easily share ideas, data, research and corporate knowledge. Click here for more.

Users fume over gov’t BlackBerry users’ exemption

Government workers and emergency personnel would be exempt from a possible shutdown of BlackBerry wireless e-mail service in the U.S., a situation that has private-sector users steaming. Click here for more.

Weekend Edition

Remember to visit for this week’s Weekend Edition – the cartoon, the quote, the Cool Tools video and all the most-read stuff from the site.

Network World celebrates 20 years

Who do you think had a bigger impact over the past 20 years, Internet pioneer Vint Cerf or the creator of Ethernet, Bob Metcalfe? What piece of technology can you not live without, even though 20 years ago you in fact lived without it? Help Network World celebrate its 20th anniversary by participating in a quick, 10-question survey about forces that have shaped the industry. Watch for the results in the March 27 issue.