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This week: Lotus takes aim at blogs, wikis and feeds

Jan 30, 20064 mins
Enterprise Applications

This Week on is now The Best of Network World. Here is this week's Editors' Choice; look for Readers' Choice later this week.


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Lotus takes aim at blogs, wikis and feeds

IBM/Lotus plans to expand its corporate collaboration tools by adding social relationship, behavior mapping and alerting technology that lets users easily share ideas, data, research and corporate knowledge.

Vendors feel heat to cool hardware

As data center equipment gets smaller and more robust, figuring out how to power and cool it adequately is becoming an increasingly major challenge.

ID theft, the sequel

Harrison Ford is ticked off again. But not because the bad guys have hijacked Air Force One or kidnapped his wife from a Paris hotel room; this time they’ve swiped his identity to break into the bank where he works and steal millions of dollars. Warner Bros. Pictures on Feb. 10 will release ‘Firewall,’ the latest film to focus on an issue that over the past year has come front and center in the public’s consciousness – identity theft.

Network World Guide to 3G

Make way for 3G

An introduction to a guide to how 3G affects wireless/mobile devices and those who use them.


OptiVault reduces the need for magnetic tape backup

OptiVault reduces the need for magnetic tape backup, Clear Choice Tests show.


Nutter’s Help Desk: Running VLANs on a small net

Ron Nutter explains why VLANs could make sense even on a small network.

Tech Update

SAS enhances RPR routing

The Resilient Packet Ring standard, IEEE 802.17, combines the reliability, service guarantees and management capabilities of SONET with the statistical efficiency of packet networks. A key new optimization of the technology, the Spatially Aware Sublayer, 802.17b, provides spatial reuse of the ring bandwidth via Layer 2 bridging

Audio, video and even a forum

Network World Radio: Multipoint video over Skype

This week we talk with Max Montgomery, director of marketing for Santa Cruz Networks, about his company’s multipoint video service for Skype and Google Talk called Festoon. We also find out why Santa Cruz is closing down its business-oriented Viditel service at the end of the month. Listen in.

Cool Tools Video: Cheaper alternative to wireless music?

Cool Tools guy Keith Shaw tests out a viewer’s idea to use the Belkin TuneCaster to broadcast music around the house rather than the more expensive Logitech Wireless Music system. Plus, wireless expert Craig Mathias gives a primer on digital vs. analog audio.

Forum: The teenager and the late-night ‘Net surfing

Last week’s column by Ron Nutter on the father trying to keep his daughter from using a neighbor’s wireless access point late at night generated a number of suggestions – from technical (software that generates large numbers of spurious SSIDs) to parental (talk to the girl!). See what users say – and add your own two cents.


Microsoft to bolster Software Assurance program

Microsoft is planning several major changes to beef up features of Software Assurance, the company’s maintenance and upgrade program that has been criticized for its expense and slow follow-up with new products.

Verizon touts new business services

Verizon last week launched an enterprise business unit formed following the company’s acquisition of MCI, as well as two service offerings intended to show integration between its wireline and wireless networks.

Flood of compliance tools coming

Four vendors this week plan to unveil products that do double duty: help companies monitor operational and system risks, and facilitate compliance with industry mandates such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Net neutrality debate heating up

If they haven’t already, enterprise network executives should sit up and take notice of the debate swirling around network-neutrality rules, industry experts say.

EMC announces high-end array, IP storage products

EMC announces high-end array, IP storage products.

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