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Gates to unveil Microsoft’s strategy for government IT

Jan 30, 20062 mins
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Gates to unveil Microsoft’s strategy for government IT, 01/30/06

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates this week is planning to unveil the company’s strategy for the government IT market, an intensely competitive area that has seen open source software gain a strong foothold.

Boomerang employees are back, 01/30/06

Rehiring previous employees is a trend that’s going to be in full swing in 2006, considering that more than half of 100 U.S. organizations polled in 2005 by Right Management Associates said they would hire a former staff member.

Tokyo Stock Exchange installs new clearing system, 01/30/06

The Tokyo Stock Exchange Monday said it has successfully installed a new stock trade clearing system over the weekend and saw no problems during the first day’s trading.

Avocent acquisition targets Linux, 01/27/06

KVM switch and network infrastructure management specialist Avocent plans to add Linux expertise to its portfolio with the acquisition of Cyclades.

Q&A: CA’s new CTO discusses development, recruiting, 01/27/06

CA recently named Mark Barrenechea as its CTO. According to a statement, he will be in charge of the company’s technology vision and strategy and will work closely with CA’s business units to ensure common technology architecture and services across …

IT Education and Training Newsletter: The IT profession in the year 2010, 01/25/06

At the beginning of the year, I always try to take stock of my life – my finances, my career, etc.; I imagine you do the same. That’s why I was quite interested …

IBM acquires CIMS Lab, 01/25/06

Continuing its own trend to buy instead of build technology, IBM Wednesday announced it had acquired CIMS Lab, which makes software that tracks the usage of computing resources in virtualized technology environments.

Tokyo Stock Exchange names new CIO, 01/25/06

Tokyo Stock Exchange has appointed a new CIO following widespread criticism last week of its IT management.