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Cheaper altermative to wireless music?

Jan 30, 20062 mins
Network Security

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Keith Shaw’s Cool Tools Alert

LATEST COOL TOOLS VIDEO: Cheaper alternative to wireless music?

Keith tests out a viewer’s idea to use the Belkin TuneCaster to broadcast music around the house rather than the more expensive Logitech Wireless Music system.

LATEST COOL TOOLS COLUMN: Baby on the small screen

A new member of the Cool Tools Testing Team arrived last month, although it will be a while before Marley starts troubleshooting the home LAN routers (she mostly sleeps and eats).

Like many proud papas these days, I’ve taken tons of photos and sent out e-mails with photos attached. But because I’m the Cool Tools guy, I’m expected to utilize as much technology as possible to create real-time multimedia extravaganzas that show her every waking moment.


Dell puts wireless WAN modules in new notebooks

Novatel Wireless and Dell announced today that new versions of the Dell Latitude notebook line will include mobile broadband embedded modules in order to give customers access to EV-DO and HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) high-speed wireless networks.

Linksys teams with Yahoo! Music service

If you subscribe to the Yahoo! Music service and were beginning to wonder how to get all of that music to different locations of your house (such as listening on a home stereo and such), Linksys wants to help.

Verizon Wireless launches another music phone

Verizon Wireless today launched a new phone able to access its VCAST music service (as well as the video-on-demand features of VCAST).

Axis launches new network camera

The latest network camera from Axis Communications is the AXIS 214 Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Network Camera, a high-performance camera aimed t professional surveillance and remote monitoring scenarios

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