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Vendors feel heat to cool hardware

Jan 31, 20062 mins
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Vendors feel heat to cool hardware, 01/30/06

As data center equipment gets smaller and more robust, figuring out how to power and cool it adequately is becoming an increasingly major challenge.

HP weighs in further on data center heat issues, 01/30/06

HP announced three products Monday designed to help enterprise users deal with power management difficulties. The products, due to ship Feb. 6, include a water-cooled heat exchanger unit which can be attached to the side of a server rack.

Opinion: Cisco, Juniper face unique challenges, 01/30/06

Two weeks ago, I had the unique opportunity of speaking with two of networking’s top CEOs within hours of each other: Cisco’s John Chambers and Juniper’s Scott Kriens. They’re both eyeing the same big opportunity in the enterprise – the next generation o

EMC announces high-end array, IP storage products, 01/26/06

EMC Thursday announced several new storage arrays and software for customers with IP networks and the largest storage needs.

Storage in the Enterprise Newsletter: ‘Virtual nets’ let remote users sync files when back at the office, 01/26/06

I am often tempted to apply some law of physics to social or business endeavors. In this case the temptation for me is to take Newton’s inverse square …

San Diego OKs $667 million outsourcing deal, 01/25/06

San Diego County officials Tuesday approved a $667 million IT outsourcing contract with Northrop Grumman Information Technology and hope to complete a transition to the new contractor by year’s end.

Via aims processors at emerging markets, 01/24/06

Microprocessors from Via Technologies have not been a big hit in the PC market, but emerging economies provide opportunities for the Taiwanese company to sell its chips in new types of computing and communications devices, company executives say.

EMC to unveil high-end array, 01/24/06

EMC is expected to announce Thursday an ultra-high-end storage array for customers with the largest storage needs.

Servers Newsletter: IBM rolls out retail blades, 01/24/06

IBM last week released server blades for retail data centers that will help them consolidate their operations and operate more efficiently.

New Data Center Strategies Newsletter: Virtualization not a panacea, 01/24/06

Virtual-machine technology gained visibility in 2005 as companies consolidated servers and deployed shared resources to reduce spending on new servers. Applying …