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The analog hole and secret technology; DSL, Part IV (tying up loose ends)

Feb 07, 20062 mins
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* Backspin: The analog hole and secret technology * Gearhead: DSL, Part IV (tying up loose ends) * The past 7 days on Gibbsblog

Backspin: The analog hole and secret technology

On Dec. 16, 2005, a bill titled “Digital Transition Content Security Act of 2005 (H.R.4569),” otherwise known as the Sensenbrenner/Conyers Analog Hole Bill, was referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

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Gearhead: DSL, Part IV (tying up loose ends)

Over the last few weeks we have been discussing our DSL struggles, which started with a technician doing some simple troubleshooting and quickly escalated into our service being disconnected (also see the “DSL Woes” section of Gibbsblog for your comments on this topic).

To read this week’s Gearhead in its entirety, click here.

The past 7 days on Gibbsblog

Free VMware (GSX) Server!

VMware have just announced the release of VMware Server which they are making available for free!


Scoring customer service

Reader Bob Hayes sent me a tale of trying to get a software upgrade and how the

vendor’s customer service did their best to make the purchase as unpleasant as possible …


Him, Roomba geek

Back in December I wrote a blog entry about iRobot making the API for the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner available. I also mentioned that it would be cool to add a Gumstix Waysmall computer to a Roomba as the “brains.” Well, someone has …


Free Web Security Audit

Want a free Web security audit? On a first come, first serve basis …


Point-to-Point to the Commander’s

In Gearhead this week a solution for getting a temporary Internet connection established was discussed: It was a point-to-point connection over to the house of the Commander and his lady Wife so that we could piggyback on their cable broadband service. You were promised pictures – here they are:


Malware and e-mail

I just read that according to security company Sophos “1.4% or one in 70 emails is viral” and …


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