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Cisco, Kineto team for converged service

Feb 07, 20066 mins
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Cisco, Kineto team for converged service, 02/07/06

Cisco and Kineto Wireless are working together to make it easier for mobile phone operators to move from trialing services that let mobile phone customers roam between Wi-Fi and cellular networks to offering commercial services, the companies planned …

Power to the people, 02/06/06

San Francisco is one of several U.S. cities, including Chicago and New York, using wireless and other network technologies to empower homeless and low-income people and link them to critical services.

IBM develops fast wireless chip for content sharing, 02/06/06

Scientists at IBM have developed a chipset that they claim is capable of allowing wireless devices to operate more than 10 times faster than today’s advanced Wi-Fi networks.

Opinion: Mobility is foremost a mind-set, 02/06/06

Mobility is definitely one of the key themes of 2006. Most IT executives I work with say their companies have put “mobility strategies” in place this year. That’s a dramatic shift from just a year ago, when companies typically saw mobility as an …

Google, Skype join investors to pump cash into Fon, 02/06/06

Google and Skype have teamed up with two venture capital firms, Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital, to invest €18 million ($21.6 million) in Fon Technology, a Madrid-based start-up that wants to build a global network of Wi-Fi hot spots.

New AT&T talks about business focus, 02/06/06

The new AT&T detailed plans last week for how it is bringing together its many telecom assets and what that will mean for customers.

Motorola’s Canopy aimed at wireless in India, 02/06/06

The Indian state of Rajasthan has started to take delivery of wireless broadband equipment for construction of a statewide wireless network, Motorola announced Monday.

RIM wins patent case in the U.K., 02/03/06

Research In Motion the maker of the BlackBerry, has won two patent-related lawsuits in Europe against InPro Licensing SARL, a Luxembourg patent holding company.

Wireless Weblog: “I stalked my girlfriend through her cell phone”, 02/03/06

Who needs the National Security Agency when you can use a Web site to track and record someone’s movements based on their cell phone? Ben Goldacre, a reporter for “The Guardian,” a UK daily newspaper, was able to register his girlfriend’s cell phone …

Wireless Weblog: Top Palm investor: sell this company, 02/03/06

One of Palm’s biggest investors is urging the company’s board of directors to consider “strategic alternatives,” including selling it off . Yay or Nay?

Wireless Weblog: Patent cops reject NTP patent in RIM case, 02/02/06

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has rejected a key patent in the ongoing battle between NTP, which holds the patents, and BlackBerry maker Research in Motion.

Lenovo plans to offer 3G wireless laptops by Q2, 02/02/06

Lenovo has joined the race to release laptops with built-in wireless broadband technology.

Government wary of partial BlackBerry shutdown, 02/02/06

A court-ordered shutdown of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry service in the U.S. could hamper response to emergencies, and keeping government users connected while cutting off others might not be feasible, according to a brief filed Wednesday by the …

Patent office rules against NTP again, 02/02/06

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected a patent that it previously awarded and that is central to the ongoing litigation against BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion, RIM said on Wednesday.

Cartoon: Cell phones for tots, 02/02/06

Wireless / Mobile Feb. 6, 2006 Cartoon of the Week Network World, 02/02/06 All cartoons Related story

Wireless Weblog: Finally, a REAL use for those camera phones, 02/02/06

The real value of those built-in cellphone and PDA cameras comes not in taking pictures but in scanning information , according a report from ABI Research. The cameras can be used to scan a barcode or barcode-like data, as well as data “hidden” within …

Wireless Weblog: MIT, City of Cambridge plan Wi-Fi net, 02/02/06

The City of Cambridge, Mass. and one of its big name property owners, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will partner to deploy a “free” Wi-Fi wireless mesh to the city’s 100,000 residents by summer 2007. The City’s director of IT, Mary Hart, …

PortalPlayer offers ‘always-on’ laptop interface, 02/01/06

An “always on” display technology from PortalPlayer that lets users peek inside their notebooks without booting them up will cost manufacturers $30 to $40 to add to each machine, the company’s president and CEO said this week.

3GSM – NTT DoCoMo develops HSDPA handsets for 2006 launch, 02/01/06

NTT DoCoMo has unveiled three prototype cell phones that are compatible with a high-speed data transmission technology that it hopes to launch later this year.

C&W eliminates CEO position amid weak forecast, 02/01/06

Some analysts reacted with surprise Wednesday to changes announced a day earlier by struggling European telecommunications operator Cable and Wireless.

Infineon produces its first 65-nanometer sample chips, 02/01/06

German chip maker Infineon Technologies AG has produced its first sample chips using advanced 65-nanometer manufacturing technology.

AT&T preps wireless service push for businesses, 02/01/06

AT&T on Tuesday announced plans to offer its business customers bundled services that include Cingular Wireless offerings.

Wireless Newsletter: Municipalities integrate nets with roaming software, 02/01/06

Cities and towns are attempting to improve public safety by using special software that creates one big virtual wireless network out of …

NTT DoCoMo to take stake in Philippines’ PLDT, 01/31/06

NTT DoCoMo will acquire a 7% stake in Philippine Long Distance Telephone and work with PLDT on the launch of I-mode and 3G cellular telephone services in the country, it said Tuesday. PLDT offers cellular services in the Philippines through its Smart …

Good Technology faces patent suit over push e-mail, 01/31/06

Visto has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Good Technology, saying its push e-mail services contain patented Visto technology. Visto will seek a permanent injunction against Good Technology’s push e-mail service, which is used in several …

Broadband, services drive Ericsson sales, 01/31/06

The rollout of high-speed mobile data networks as well as a demand for services drove sales up 15% in 2005 for Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, the company said Tuesday.

Wireless Weblog: NTT plans WiMAX tests as early as next month, 01/31/06

The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Group, Japan’s largest telecommunications group, plan to begin tests of WiMAX technology as early as next month, a senior executive said Tuesday.

Wireless Weblog: Securing mobile data, 01/31/06

Utimaco is offering some mobile security tips for laptops, PDAs and removable media. I asked the company if these were “pseudo tips” — something you can do only if you buy its software. A spokesman says no: in the laptop list, the only tip supported …