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Verizon Business expands VoIP offerings

Feb 15, 20063 mins

* Verizon Business enhances its Verizon VoIP suite of offerings

The new Verizon Business unit created by the merger of Verizon and MCI is expanding its VoIP offerings for enterprises that are planning a gradual migration to Internet-based telephony.

“Customers are looking to leverage their existing assets as they move to VoIP,” says John Barnes, director of VoIP product development at Verizon Business. “That’s why you are seeing our offerings reach out into a number of different technical solutions…You have to offer a broad range of architectural solutions.”

Verizon Business last week announced four enhancements to its suite of offerings called Verizon VoIP:

* IP Flexible T-1, a T-1 service for smaller corporate sites that allows customers to dynamically allocate bandwidth to data or telephony traffic. This service is geared toward company sites with fewer than 24 phone lines, and allows voice and data to be converged over a single connection for cost savings.

* Support for five new IP phones from Polycom, in addition to Cisco and other brands already supported.

* Dedicated Toll-Free Integration with VoIP for help desk or other smaller call center operations that want to benefit from the lower costs of VoIP. This allows customers to use a single connection for incoming toll-free calls and outbound VoIP traffic.

* Fraud protection for Managed IP PBX services similar to the “Sheriff” anti-fraud monitoring and notification services already offered with traditional PBX services.

All of these new VoIP services are available immediately.

The goal of these new services is to allow customers to migrate to VoIP at their own pace. Verizon Business already offers IP Integrated Access, Hosted IP Centrex, IP Trunking and Managed IP PBX services as part of its Verizon VoIP product line.

“For multi-location enterprises, this does provide you with the ability to select any one or a combination of our VoIP services within a location,” Barnes says.

Verizon Business has several other enhancements to its VoIP services planned for 2006 including support for a broader range of IP PBXs, IP phones and other VoIP gear. Verizon Business also will offer additional access methodologies, including broadband for remote and telework applications, as well as services in additional locations in the Unites States, Western Europe and Asia.

“The transition to VoIP has started. We see a lot of organizations trialing VoIP in small locations” for local traffic, Barnes says. “What we’ve seen over the last year is that larger-scale enterprises are seeing the cost benefits of traversing VoIP over their own WANs.”

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