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NetFlash: Deciding the future of Ethernet

Feb 10, 20062 mins

* Deciding the future of Ethernet * Networking the homeless * Analysis: AOL, Yahoo highlight drive to clean up e-mail, Internet * RIM reveals workaround for BlackBerry * Cool Tools goes to Demo 2006 * Today on Layer 8 * Weekend Edition

Deciding the future of Ethernet

Scaling Ethernet to new heights – as much as 100Gbps – as well developing 10G Ethernet for copper wiring and internal system backplanes are among the chief issues at this week’s DesignCon conference. Get all the details.

Networking the homeless

San Francisco is one of several U.S. cities, including Chicago and New York, using wireless and other network technologies to empower homeless and low-income people and link them to critical services. Click here for more.

Analysis: AOL, Yahoo highlight drive to clean up e-mail, Internet

While Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft and Google waded into the battle this week against spammers and Internet scammers, stealth-mode start-ups and others small vendors are gearing up in hopes to ignite the newest fight against malicious use of e-mail and the Internet. Get the full story.

RIM reveals workaround for BlackBerry

Research In Motion Thursday announced that it has developed and tested software that would enable it to continue to offer its wireless e-mail service to BlackBerry users if a court orders RIM to shut down the current form of the service in the U.S. Click here for more.

Cool Tools goes to Demo 2006

Day 1: In a special Cool Tools video, Keith Shaw looks at the hottest companies and products at DEMO 2006, including Ugobe’s Pleo dinosaur and two services that could get you organized: Plum and Kaboodle. Watch video.

Day 2: Keith continues his coverage with some of the enterprise-related companies that took the stage, including Fortify Software and Vivid Sky. Sports fans will love the Vivid Sky technology! Watch video.

Today on Layer 8, where we always/sometimes/almost never go for the gold:

Why multinationals should spam search engines; are you techno-literate?; and Tamagotchis are back, with a new Flash-based home on the Web; all that and more today at your home for not-just-networking news. Visit us today.

Weekend Edition

Remember to visit for this week’s Weekend Edition – the cartoon, the quote, the Cool Tools videos and all the most-read stuff from the site. Check it out, all weekend long.

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