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Layoff survival strategies

Feb 14, 20062 mins
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* Webmaster Susan Joyce offers advice on dealing with being laid off

Ford and DaimlerChrysler recently announced some very big job cuts. In addition, a number of other brand-name organizations like Blockbuster, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Liz Claiborne, Oracle and SBC also announced layoffs. Employment portal site offers some advice in case you find yourself in that predicament. Webmaster Susan Joyce shares the following recommendations.


* Try to negotiate outplacement benefits such as severance, career coaching, resume preparation assistance, etc.

* Ask for details on continuing your medical insurance through COBRA. It allows you to participate for a specified period of time by paying your own premiums.

* Register for unemployment compensation immediately, even if you’ve been given severance pay. If you delay, you may no longer qualify.

* Make personal business cards and begin networking.

* Get help in your job search through a state career center or your alma mater.

* Ask your boss and colleagues for letters of recommendation.

* Give yourself time to deal with your feelings.


* Don’t take it as a sign of failure.

* Don’t consider yourself fired.

* Hide the fact that you’ve been laid off.

* Trash your former employer.

What about you? For those who have weathered a layoff in their careers, what advice would you share with your peers? Let me know at