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Lots of cool (and one ice-cool) gadgets at DEMO ’06

Feb 13, 20062 mins
Network Security

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Flavorful ice-cream on-demand

The MooBella Ice Cream System lets customers pick from 96 flavors and makes a cup instantly using fresh ingredients. And it runs Linux!

DEMO 2006 Day 2 highlights

Keith takes a look at some of the enterprise-related companies that took the stage today, including Fortify Software and Vivid Sky. Sports fans will love the Vivid Sky technology!

DEMO 2006 Day 1 highlights

Keith looks at the hottest companies and products at DEMO 2006 including Ugobe’s Pleo dinosaur as well as two services that could get your organized: Plum and Kaboodle.

LATEST COOL TOOLS COLUMN: Robotic dinosaur wows crowd at DEMO 2006

Take everything you’ve ever thought about the term “robotic dinosaur” and throw it out the window. Pleo has arrived.

Making its debut at last week’s Demo ’06 show in Phoenix, Pleo is a robotic dinosaur, for sure, but it’s much more than that. Combine the best features of the Furby, the Cabbage Patch doll, the computer game The Sims and even Sony’s robot dog Aibo (recently discontinued), and you start to get a picture of how Pleo and its parent company, Ugobe, will revolutionize how we think of robotics


Favorite stuff from DEMO ’06

I’ve returned from DEMO ’06 in Phoenix, back in the comfortable confines of the normal Cool Tools Happy Blog… Having had a few days to ponder over the show and what I liked, here’s my list of favorite products and technologies (warning: I haven’t tried these yet, except for the ice cream, so these are only thoughts based on interviews and their demonstrations, actual coolness may vary) …

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