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Client security finalists

Feb 27, 20062 mins

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Another big winner in our anti-spyware test was Omniquad’s AntiSpy Enterprise, with its client/server approach to solving problems. “Stopping spyware at the gateway might not be enough, especially if users bring freeware or shareware into the office…. Using both gateway and client/server products can potentially increase your success rate at avoiding spyware,” tester Barry Nance noted. In our test, Omniquad stopped a high percentage of spyware instances and removed all spyware residue. It won points for deploying client agents easily and automatically from a central console, which also stored configuration and policy data in Active Directory.

Vernier Networks and PatchLink earned a finalist spot for their combined entry in our endpoint security test. Vernier’s EdgeWall 7000i and the PatchLink Update Server proved a winning arrangement for sound performance in all categories tested, said Lab Alliance members Mandy Andress and Rodney Thayer. The combo excelled in remediation, providing the ability to block network access and automatically fix out-of-compliance systems, and it was the most resilient of the packages tested.

Senforce Technologies‘ Senforce Endpoint Security Suite earns a nod for its strong host-centric approach to endpoint security, as it uses only client software and doesn’t require an additional in-line network device. The product gets special attention for its Client Location Assurance Service, which provides crypto-based assurance that a system resides on a known, trusted network and is not being spoofed. This innovation gives users and administrators reasonable assurance that systems are on a trusted network.

Trend Micro earns a finalist spot for two entries. Network VirusScan and OfficeScan 7 impressed us in the endpoint security tests with how easily the VirusWall 2500 device installed – “one of the best overall experiences we had during testing,” the testers noted. In our anti-spyware tests, OfficeScan Anti-Spyware Suite and InterScan Anti-Spyware Suite did well. Trend Micro earned kudos for OfficeScan’s ability to provide considerable details about each spyware instance encountered and presented the data in a variety of helpful reports.

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