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Best Products: Wireless finalists

Feb 27, 20061 min
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AirMagnet’s Spectrum Analyzer impressed us for its ability to help network engineers scan the airwaves to find interfering noise sources within the 2.4- GHz spectrum. Lab Alliance member Tom Henderson said he was “thrilled to be able to track all IEEE 802.11b/g/a frequencies, not just the ones that are legal in the United States.”

Network Chemistry’s BlueScanner, examined in the same Clear Choice Test as the AirMagnet product, was also impressive, Henderson said. The free tool (via download) can find and articulate data about Bluetooth devices, and the service sets running on them, within the company. When we tested the tool, BlueScanner found every Bluetooth device we had, in addition to finding all of their exposed features. While we couldn’t fix exposures with the tool, finding them was the biggest part of the battle.

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