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HP details CMDB plans, integrates Peregrine technology into OpenView

Feb 28, 20063 mins
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HP details CMDB plans, integrates Peregrine technology into OpenView, 02/27/06

HP this week is set to share details on its plans for integrating Peregrine Systems’ technology into its OpenView management software portfolio and to unveil its strategy for delivering a CMDB that the company says will help customers collect data …

Survival of the fittest managed service providers, 02/27/06

The market for managed service providers sprang up and flourished in the late 1990s and early 2000s, then wilted just as quickly. Many went bust or succumbed to acquisition, but the savviest adapted their business models and tweaked their offerings to …

Best Products Issue: HP’s OpenView Network Node Manager, OpenView Operations, OpenView Internet Services wins …, 02/27/06

While this category has ballooned to include IP address management and Web site management, in picking the winner we stuck with the basics of what constitutes network management and awarded HP’s OpenView Network Node Manager, OpenView Operations …

Best Products Special Issue: Network World reviews the year in product tests, 02/27/06

Among more than 200 products tested, 48 finalists, including 10 ultimate winners, rise above.

Best Products Special Issue: Remedy Help Desk, 02/27/06

In our Linux environment, there aren’t a lot of off-the-shelf products we can use. However, the Remedy Help Desk application is great at helping us identify and track issues appropriately. It also lets us communicate out to users, and it’s going to be …

Best Products Special Issue: Nortel’s Enterprise Policy Manager, 02/27/06

We have 14 classrooms in our business school equipped with live data jacks. Because the students usually have laptops in class, the faculty has a hard time capturing their attention. Even though the laptop is an incredible tool for learning, it’s also …

Best Products Special Issue: Lucent, Meta, Microsoft, TechSmith and Coradiant finish behind HP in network management field, 02/27/06

In our IP address management test, Lucent’s VitalQIP hung on as king of the jungle. We named VitalQIP a finalist for its fast performance, scalability and feature-rich options for dealing with IP addresses. The Lucent software “is an …

Best Products Special Issue: Testers sort through the good and bad products for your network, 02/27/06

Consider these testers’ tips before making your next network purchase.

Editorial: Advisory board shares ideas, 02/27/06

Get five technology executives in a room to discuss technology trends and you’ll get a healthy dose of reality, sans vendor hyperbole.

Universities played key role in Internet education, 02/23/06

A paper being published next month outlines the unique role played by universities in spreading Internet use and knowledge in the mid-1990s.

Dubai wants IT business as well as U.S. ports, 02/23/06

The United Arab Emirates, which is currently at the center of a controversy over whether outsourcing the management of six U.S. ports to a company based in the Persian Gulf should be allowed, wants to do more than manage ports: It wants Dubai, its …

Network/System Management Newsletter: What was missing from RSA Conference 2006, 02/22/06

While much of this year’s RSA Conference was more about progress being made toward the integration of security with infrastructure and systems, there were some …