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Mystery surrounds PC-to-mobile virus

Mar 01, 20063 mins

Latest security news.

Mystery surrounds PC-to-mobile virus, 03/01/06

A mystery is deepening around a report about the emergence of a virus that can pass from a PC to a mobile device, with some anti-virus vendors saying they have not seen the code to confirm it.

Oracle publishes out-of-cycle security fix, 02/27/06

Oracle has released a critical security patch to the company’s E-Business Suite software. The patch, which was released nearly two months ahead of Oracle’s next regularly scheduled security updates, fixes a number of vulnerabilities in the Oracle …

New RedBrowser Trojan first to target J2ME, 02/28/06

Security researchers have discovered the first malicious software designed to work on mobile devices running the J2ME (Java 2 Mobile Edition) software, used by a large number of phones and consumer electronics products.

Microsoft issues expected browser updates, 03/01/06

Microsoft Tuesday issued several expected changes to how Internet Explorer deals with interactive content on Web pages, an update stemming from a long-running patent infringement dispute.

Weblog: CISOs, and how they got that way, 02/28/06

The International Information Systems Certification Consortium, or ISC2 for short, has long served its members through professional certification services as well as surveys the Palm Harbor, Fla.-based organization has undertaken, such as the recent …

AOL sues big phishing organizations, 02/28/06

AOL has filed three civil lawsuits against major phishing gangs, seeking $18 million from the groups, the company said Tuesday.

FEMA updates IT systems to better respond to disasters, 02/28/06

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has seen a fair amount of press attention in the past year, with 45 presidential-declared disasters stemming from hurricanes, floods and wildfires. The agency is undergoing much change in an effort to …

Vodafone shows phone with VGA screen, face recognition, 02/28/06

Vodafone KK, the Japanese unit of U.K. Vodafone Group, Tuesday unveiled a new handset from Sharp that includes a number of cutting-edge features including a video graphics array (VGA) resolution screen and face-recognition security system.

Cloudmark service aims to rid ISPs’ mail stores of spam, 02/28/06

Cloudmark on Monday announced a service called StorageScan, designed to help ISPs clean old spam messages out of their customers’ e-mail boxes.

Weblog: A false sense of security, 02/27/06

At the Amtrak train station in San Jose after the RSA Conference had wrapped up, I went to buy a ticket to Berkeley to visit my nieces. To my surprise, the Amtrak attendant told me he couldn’t sell me a ticket unless I showed him a valid ID, such as a …