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IBM-led group backs new identity manager tool

Mar 02, 20063 mins

Latest IBM news.

IBM-led group backs new identity manager tool, 02/27/06

IBM and Novell Monday announced their support for an open source project aiming to give users more control over how information such as passwords and financial details are shared across multiple Web sites.

IBM bets $1 billion on information management, 02/27/06

IBM is placing a $1 billion bet that helping businesses better manage and glean insight from their data using information management services will be a profitable business for the company.

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IBM’s IBM x336 PC-based server earned a spot on our top performer’s list in this category because Lab Alliance member John Bass was impressed with its solid performance, great physical design and wide set of management features. The server’s single- …

Best Products Special Issue: Symantec’s Backup Exec 10d, 02/27/06

Selected by five Network World contributors, these category-breaking products raise the bar with their novel approaches to solving today’s enterprise challenges.

HP details CMDB plans, integrates Peregrine technology into OpenView, 02/27/06

HP this week is set to share details on its plans for integrating Peregrine Systems’ technology into its OpenView management software portfolio and to unveil its strategy for delivering a CMDB that the company says will help customers collect data …

IBM tests mobile speech applications, 02/24/06

IBM Friday said it has collaborated with two universities to develop several speech-enabled Web applications for mobile phones.

IBM software protects against internal attacks, 02/24/06

IBM Friday announced a new security product that helps protect companies from internal attacks on their IT systems.

San Francisco takes bids for citywide Wi-Fi wireless network, 02/23/06

San Francisco has become the latest major city to take a step toward a municipal Wi-Fi network.

IBM subpoenas Microsoft, Sun and HP in SCO case, 02/23/06

The long-running legal battle between The SCO Group and IBM over source code ownership could uncover some interesting relationships, after IBM requested this week that HP, Microsoft, Sun and BayStar Capital turn over documents relating to their …

IBM builds up software as a service with SAAS resources, 02/23/06

IBM is boosting its backing for software as a service, providing more resources for application vendors keen to embrace the pay-by-usage model of distributing their products. The resources for IBM partners announced Thursday include financial …

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Steve recently made a shift from “residential DSL” to “business DSL” service, and that discussion will be followed up in another newsletter. But for today, we’ …