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Is anomaly detection the best way to prevent virus, worm attacks?

Mar 13, 20063 mins
Enterprise Applications

Face-off: Is anomaly detection the best way to prevent virus, worm attacks? 03/13/06

Does network behavior anomaly detection provide a true security solution against viruses and worms? Two experts in the field debate the issue in this week’s Face-off.

Rothman: Network issues have changed a lot in 10 years, 03/13/06

How many of you remember what an uphill battle it was to convince your organization to deploy anti-virus software on every device? Remember the old question: “Do we really need that firewall?” Now it’s not if you need security, it’s how much and where …

Bradner: RBOCs: And then there were three (or maybe one), 03/13/06

The acquisition will not harm competition for local phone service between the RBOCs because there is none today. In spite of promises made at the time of the AT&T breakup, none of the Bells seriously tried to invade the geographic territory of the …

Briere: Trade show tips that make life easier for all, 03/13/06

I am back from another trade show and am doing all my postconference processing. Once again, I’m dealing with all the typical postconference headaches, which follow the inevitable conference headaches, which were preceded by the preconference …

Backspin: We need a broadband policy, 03/13/06

It seems to me that we can’t do without a broadband policy if we believe that the Internet is as valuable as we think it is, and if that’s so, tiered service will inevitably become part of the grand plan.

Op-ed: Pandemic planning: ultimate collaboration, 03/13/06

Given the short time until a pandemic might occur, the only way businesses can prepare is through unprecedented internal and external collaboration. Fortunately, the benefits of this focus on collaboration technologies and attitudes will endure long …

Editorial: Calling all Enterprise All-Stars, 03/13/06

Chances are you recently wrapped up a leading-edge project or two that improved operations or opened new business opportunities (or better – did some of both). The technologies involved can be anything from access rights management to wireless LAN …

Johnson: AT&T/BellSouth: Identifying winners, losers, 03/13/06

AT&T’s announced plans to pick up BellSouth in a $67 billion merger ushers in a whole suite of questions for IT executives. Will the deal even go through? If it does, who wins, who loses, and why? And most significantly, how should this affect your …

Dr. Internet: Forms that work on both the Web and the desktop, 03/13/06

Are tools available that can deploy the same data collection forms to the Web and desktop? Both sets should be generated from a single source model, and the desktop version should be able to post data to the same back end used by the Web version.

Cool Tools: Vlog It lets you produce your ‘show’, 03/13/06

Vlog It software, by Serious Magic, is a stripped-down version of the company’s Visual Communicator software, which lets users create their own video communications with only a PC and camcorder.

Gearhead: Using U3 to create portable programs, 03/13/06

As cool as U3 is, a serious issue is that it is very narrowly focused, applying only to Windows 2000, XP and 2003. That leaves all those Windows 95, 98 and ME systems out in the cold (and rightly so) along with Macs and Linux.

‘Net Buzz: Piggybacking… and how to fend off the pigs, 03/13/06

Is wireless piggybacking theft of service or a victimless “crime” of convenience?