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Logitech Wireless Headphones for PC

Mar 16, 20062 mins
Network Security

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Logitech Wireless Headphones for PC

With a little help from colleagues, Keith tests the range of Logitech’s Wireless (Bluetooth) Headphones for PC. How far will the reach be in an office environment? Find out.


Vlog It lets you produce your ‘show’

Vlog It is a stripped-down version of the company’s Visual Communicator software, which lets users create their own video communications with only a PC and camcorder (or Web camera).


The ‘floppy disc’ reincarnated?

I’ve commented before on the disappearing floppy disc, but another interesting trend is occurring that may bring back the concepts of portable AND shareable storage.

Verbatim readies 4GB and 8GB USB drives

Verbatim has updated its Store ‘n’ Go USB HD Drives, boosting storage capacity to 4GB and 8GB.

Sony updates “digital living system”

Sony this week said it is now shipping its Vaio XL2 Digital Living System, hardware designed to replace a digital video recorder and piles of CDs and DVDs.

USRobotics touts a Skype/PSTN bridge

If you’re a Skype user and you don’t like using the PC’s microphone or buy a separate headset, USRobotics has a new telephone adapter that connects a regular PSTN handset to your system and integrates with Skype.

TomTom GPS device includes MP3 player

TomTom this week announced two new models within its TomTom Go Global Positioning System devices, the TomTom Go 910 and TomTom Go 510 (a third model, the TomTom Go 710, was announced for Europe).

Samsung’s zx10 phone can watch Cingular Video

Samsung this week launched its zx10 phone, which utilizes UMTS wireless technology for additional wireless Internet download speeds.

VoodooPC launches wicked fast gaming notebook

VoodooPC today launched the new ENVY Heavyweight u:9090 notebook, which it says is the “world’s largest and fastest mobile gamebook”.

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