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Cisco and Juniper: Absence of strategy, or strategy of absence?

Mar 06, 20062 mins

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Opinion: Cisco and Juniper: Absence of strategy, or strategy of absence?, 03/06/06

Didn’t we once look to giants such as Cisco and Juniper for their insights about how the industry was going to develop? Their rear-view mirrors have taken over for their windshields, vision-wise. Are these two companies so dumbed down by the aftermath …

Open source routing reality check, 03/06/06

Open source software has become an integral part of an array of network and IT products, but making a business out of a free Linux-like WAN router operating system and commodity PC hardware will be a challenge, observers and experts say.

Routers Weblog: LAN/router news you can use, 03/03/06

Are you the lucky person who manages the LAN switch and router gear in your company or organization? If so, Network World has several special-topic newsletters you’ll want to get in your inbox each week. Our High-Speed LANs newsletter chronicles the …

High Speed LANs Newsletter: Netgear advances Gigabit products with Broadcom chips, 03/02/06

Netgear has chosen Broadcom’s Gigabit Ethernet switch silicon for a new line of switches that would be aimed at home and small-office networks.

Routers Weblog: Cisco joins Ethernet Alliance, 03/01/06

It’s kind of weird, having a technology alliance without the top-selling vendor of that technology as a member. But that’s not a problem anymore for the Ethernet Alliance , which recently announced that Cisco joined the group. Cisco — which makes …

High Speed LANs Newsletter: Ethernet Alliance adds key members, including Cisco, 02/28/06

Six weeks after officially forming, the Ethernet Alliance has doubled its membership, adding 16 network vendors to its roster.