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Telerik knows ASP .Net

Mar 22, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Telerik impresses as a Web applications building system

In this issue of the Web Applications Newsletter we again delve into the world of ASP.Net for one of the most impressive Web applications building systems I’ve come across: Telerik’s ASP.Net components.

Telerik’s expertise lies in ASP.Net user interface components, content management solutions, and add-ons for general applications as well as Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 and Microsoft SharePoint.

Sporting an impressive customer list Telerik offers 18 ASP.Net UI and data components with AJAX support, cross-browser compatibility, standards compliance (XHTML 1.1, WCAG “Level A” or higher) along with a Quick-Start framework with VS projects and a lot of integration examples. In short, these guys know how to support their users.

The demos are impressive and the available components include navigation, calendar, callback (page content update support without postback and loss of scroll position), charts, combobox, designer (a browser-based CMS tool for the .Net framework with open, extendable environment for visual construction and management of Web content), dock (a page personalization system), editor (a cross platform WYSIWYG editor), grid (table component), input (data input control), menu, panelbar (for building side panel menus and Outlook-style panels), rotator (DHTML content rotation and personalization for stock tickers, news scrollers, product spotlights, weather forecasts, testimonials, promotions and banner ads), spell checker, tabstrip (for tabbed displays), toolbar, treeview (for hierarchical data presentation), upload, and window (replaces the standard browser dialogs and alert/prompt/confirm boxes allowing modal and non-modal dialogs and windows that mimic the Windows taskbar).

If you want to see what kind of systems Telerik’s components can produce check out its HelpDesk Sample Application.

Pricing for these outstanding components at around $200 to $400 per module or $800 for the entire suite.


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