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New Orleans’ crime-fighting Wi-Fi network is now the city’s lifeline

Mar 17, 20061 min

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VON: New Orleans’ crime-fighting Wi-Fi network is now the city’s lifeline, 03/16/06

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the only communication system that hadn’t broken down was the wireless mesh network deployed in the downtown area to support surveillance cameras credited with reducing the city’s pre-storm violent crime rate.

AT&T-BellSouth union stokes user concerns, 03/13/06

The first reaction by many customers to AT&T’s proposed $67 billion buyout of BellSouth last week was this: Is Ma Bell back? But upon reflection they’ve turned their attention to specific concerns, such as what will become of customer service and the wireless operations and whether the combined carrier’s big footprint will benefit them.

IETF taking on 911 problem within VoIP, 03/13/06

The Internet engineering community is making progress on the thorny issue of how best to route emergency communications such as 911 calls over the Internet.

Redback scales edge router down, 03/20/06

Redback Networks this week extended its edge router portfolio with a low-end version designed for small points-of-presence and remote central offices.