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Lucent and Alcatel in merger talks

Mar 24, 20064 mins

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Lucent and Alcatel in merger talks, 03/24/06

Faced with a challenging industry environment, telecommunication equipment makers Lucent and Alcatel are discussing a possible merger, according to a statement released by the two companies.

Georgia Tech brains developing optical-wireless access nets, 03/23/06

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are working on a hybrid network that could carry both wired and wireless signals on a single optical fiber.

F-Secure helps Orange with mobile anti-virus, 03/23/06F-Secure Thursday said its Mobile Antivirus software is now available for some devices in Switzerland through operator Orange.Higher education slowly embraces shared network services, 03/27/06

Colleges and universities can no longer afford go it alone in meeting campus demand for network and IT services.

Verizon to complete MCI network integration in Q3, 03/23/06

Verizon will complete most of the integration of its local and MCI long-distance networks by the third quarter, says the network operations chief of Verizon Business, the renamed MCI.

Georgia Tech brains developing optical-wireless access nets, 03/23/06

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are working on a hybrid network that could carry both wired and wireless signals on a single optical fiber. The benefit for enterprise customers would be increased availability of high-speed wired and …

UTStarcom faces delisting over delayed SEC filing, 03/23/06

UTStarcom’s troubles over the accounting of revenue from a deal in India continue to mount, with the telecommunications equipment maker announcing Wednesday that it received a delisting notice from the Nasdaq stock exchange.

Lucent buys Riverstone for $207 million, 03/22/06

Lucent this week won the bidding to acquire Riverstone Networks after increasing its initial offer by $37 million.

AT&T chairman: Merger not a referendum on net neutrality, 03/21/06

AT&T pledged not to block access to any Internet content despite concerns that its impending merger with BellSouth might give it the power to do so.

High-speed networking innovations celebrated by California academics, 03/21/06

IGrid 2005, a demonstration of more than four-dozen scientific applications running on multi-10-Gigabit optical networks – many of them linking different countries on different continents – last week won the CENIC 2006 Innovations in Networking …

FCC lifts regulations on Verizon’s high-speed data services, 03/21/06

A decision by the FCC on Monday lifts regulations that restrict what Verizon can charge for high-speed data services, in effect, allowing the carrier to charge what it wishes for these services. But Verizon will likely keep its prices in line with …

WAN Newsletter: Is it worth small businesses moving from residential to business DSL?, Part 2, 03/21/06

Recently, we discussed Steve’s rather surprising move from residential to business DSL. And while we’re sticking by our proverbial guns that …

GENI looks to conjure up next-gen networking, 03/20/06

The Global Environment for Networking Innovations is still in the planning stages, but the next-generation research facility is taking significant steps toward becoming a reality.

Opinion: Measuring the new broadband, 03/20/06

Broadband providers seem to have a secret pact with each other, knowing that once one of them provides factual data about their networks and performance, they might all have to do it. While cable providers, for example, brag about how great cable is …

Opinion: Conducting telecom talks, 03/20/06

Don’t give all your business to a single provider, even if it’s convenient. The name of the game is to keep your options open. Particularly in light of mergers between the former incumbent local exchange carriers and interexchange carriers, it’s wise …

Google’s grand plan for Internet domination, 03/20/06

Most of the gab around Google focuses on a possible desktop slugfest with Microsoft, but the real action may be on the WAN, where Google might be gearing up for a donnybrook with ISPs, telcos and cable operators.

UT Starcom delays SEC filing as investigation continues, 03/20/06

Telecommunications equipment maker UT Starcom last week delayed filing its annual report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, saying auditors required additional time to investigate the premature recognition of revenue from a deal in India.

VON speakers debate net neutrality, 03/20/06

Politics, not technology, dominated the Spring 2006 VON show last week, with calls from Internet innovators to support proposed legislation they say would protect …