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The most prevalent wireless threats

Mar 27, 20063 mins
Enterprise Applications

Wireless Security: The most prevalent wireless threats, 03/27/06

Editor’s Note: Welcome to’s first Wireless Security column. Every other week, experts from Wireless Vulnerabilities and Exploits will answer questions on the tough wireless security issues. Have questions? Get them answered…

Bradner: IETF: Not a teenager anymore, 03/27/06

There are a few key features that make the IETF as important as it has been over the years. One is its mode of operating mostly on mailing lists; another is its openness. Anyone can participate in the IETF standardization process by joining a mailing …

‘Net Buzz: Sprint’s ambassadors of ill will, 03/27/06

This week we have marketing, blogging, marketing through blogging, and questions about journalistic ethics all wrapped up in a messy little package. And at the end I get caught taking a freebie from Verizon.

Backspin: Laws in France kick Apple’s pants, 03/27/06

I don’t think Steve Jobs said “Non!,” but it captures the essence of Apple’s position on a digital rights management bill making its way through the French law-making process.

Dr. Internet: Tips for setting up Windows domain accounts, 03/27/06

I am running a network of hundreds of computers with Windows XP Pro clients and Windows 2000 Server for a domain. Is there a way to log on using an admin account be able to install the software?

Security in Practice: My beliefs about security, 03/27/06

I’m a big fan of Tom Peters. Right – the Tom Peters who wrote In Search of Excellence and The Brand You. When Tom turned 60, he packaged up a list of 60 things he believes in in a book called Sixty. Many of the things are simple but frequently …

Nutter’s Help Desk: Discovering Visa’s security requirements, 03/27/06

Due to a change my company is making in credit card processing companies, the bank that we use has declined on signing off on the change until we meet Visa’s current security requirements. Our current credit-card processing volume hasn’t been much so …

Johnson: Metaphors matter – Internet access vs. Internet connectivity, 03/27/06

Unlike with the power, water and broadcast networks, Internet users are creating their own content and services, and relying on the Internet as an exchange mechanism – not merely a distribution network.

Gearhead: OQO: outstanding and disappointing, 03/27/06

The OQO is an outstanding piece of engineering but is a pricey $2,000 considering its performance and the fact that its physical user interface doesn’t live up to what we’d expect. That said, your CXOs will want one. It is that cool.

Cool Tools: Testing Cingular’s 3G network, 03/27/06

The scoop: Sierra Wireless AirCard 860 with Cingular Edge wireless service, about $100 (after $100 rebate and two-year agreement).