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NetPro updates ChangeAuditor network-auditing product

Apr 05, 20062 mins
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* NetPro releases ChangeAuditor 3.0

Last issue I mentioned Microsoft’s roadmap for Active Directory and identity, which was presented at last week’s Directory Experts Conference. I should also mention the announcements from the show’s major sponsor, NetPro. First, though, I’d like to point out that, while NetPro sponsors the event and does all the hard work, the company was very low key about pushing its products during the week. It often seems that Microsoft is the sponsor, rather than the subject of all of the discussions. Those of us who were there should thank the good folks at NetPro – including CEO Kevin Hickey, CTO Gil Kirkpatrick and Vice President of Marketing Christing MacDonald – for a job well done.

NetPro did have some news – the release of Version 3.0 of its network-auditing product, ChangeAuditor. ChangeAuditor 3.0 includes a base pack for Microsoft Active Directory with modules for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and 2003, and Windows File Servers, designed to help you ensure a compliant, as well as secure, Windows environment by auditing and reporting on all infrastructure changes in real time.

ChangeAuditor captures Active Directory, Exchange 2000/2003 and Windows file system events transparently, without requiring native audit event logs. The service provides real-time, detailed forensics on exactly which types of changes are occurring, while highlighting those changes deemed most critical. Among the details collected are who made the change, and where, when and why the change was made, in addition to the before and after values. ChangeAuditor also provides what NetPro calls “intelligent event translation,” which should enable users to understand quickly, without lengthy interpretation, the significance and potential consequence of changes. There’s also a comprehensive audit library with automated alerts and custom audit reports that can be tailored to meet specific regulatory compliance requirements.

Given the many regulations coming into effect in many jurisdictions around the world, ChangeAuditor 3.0 should be a welcome addition to a Windows-based network as an aid to both understanding what’s happening on the network as well as helping to comply with the auditing requirements necessitated by the voluminous legislation instituting the regulations. Take some time and take a look at it.