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Alcatel, Lucent agree to merge

Apr 04, 20065 mins

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Alcatel, Lucent agree to merge, 04/03/06

Alcatel and Lucent have reached a definitive agreement to merge, they said Sunday.

Lucent and Alcatel: Now comes the hard part, 04/02/06

Now that Lucent and Alcatel have reached a definitive merger agreement, the two companies have their work cut out for them over the next year or so to make the deal work, according to one analyst.

Impact of Alcatel, Lucent merger may take time, 04/03/06

Businesses wondering how they can benefit from the planned merger between Alcatel and Lucent may have to wait several months until the telecommunications equipment manufacturers hammer out details of their colossal linkup, analysts say.

Analysis: Lucent veteran Russo faces new challenges, 04/03/06

Patricia Russo, chairman and CEO of Lucent, has seen a lot of change since helping to found the AT&T spinoff in 1996. But she’ll need to deal with a lot more of it if Lucent’s merger with Alcatel goes through.

Computer Sciences Corp. announces restructuring, sale talks, 04/04/06

Computer Sciences Corp. Tuesday confirmed it is in negotiations to sell the company and announced a restructuring plan that will eliminate 5,000 jobs.

Opinion: An educated guess as to why NAC schemes abound, 04/10/06

With Microsoft, the answer seems to be that its Network Access Protection architecture is the overgrown descendent of a fairly constrained original thought on how to detect out-of-compliance systems and quarantine them without having to make expensive …

How to keep tabs on powerhouse vendors, 04/03/06

Dealing with your network’s predominant vendors requires a relationship deeper than occasional face time with a sales rep. The relationship’s architecture, service levels and business objective need constant monitoring and review.

Trademark rift between Apples may end soon, 04/03/06

The trademark battle between Apple Computer and The Beatles’ Apple Corps record label will likely be in a judge’s hands on Wednesday.

EDS to offer $380 million for Indian outsourcer, 04/03/06

IT services company Electronic Data Systems said Monday that it will make a conditional open offer worth $380 million to acquire a majority stake in Indian outsourcer Mphasis BFL.

Apple vs. Apple case listens to iTunes testimony, 04/03/06

An Apple Computer executive took the witness stand Monday to defend the company against a lawsuit filed by The Beatles’ record company for allegedly breaching a trademark agreement.

Opinion: Microsoft: Delaying Windows products, spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt about Linux, 04/03/06

Things may be changing on the patent front. In mid-March the U.S. Supreme Court heard an important case concerning what can be patented, and soon will hear another concerning when injunctions can be employed to stop others using a technology. In …

Indian outsourcer MindTree revenue grows 85%, 04/03/06

Indian outsourcing company MindTree Consulting reported revenue growth of 85% for its first quarter, citing a preference among some overseas customers for working with smaller, more focused service providers.

Editorial: Are we losing our tech advantage?, 04/03/06

While the report has something of a Chicken Little feel to it, we side with the institute’s recommended actions as being sensible next steps in the evolution of the industry: ‘Relieve disproportionate regulatory burdens’ on telco and cable TV …

Microsoft claims breakthrough at anti-trust hearing with EU, 03/31/06

Microsoft left a two-day anti-trust hearing in Brussels Friday claiming it had reached a breakthrough with European regulators in a dispute that may still result in the company being fined up to €2 million ($2.4 million) a day.

Bill Gates faints at baseball game? April fools!, 03/31/06

With the industry still absorbing the consumer delay of Windows Vista until next year, the folks at Microsoft have had little to smile about lately. But that hasn’t stopped the company from offering a humorous MSN search site for the second year in a …

XO scraps wireline spinoff, 03/31/06

XO Holdings this week said an agreement to spin off its wireline assets has been scrapped because pending litigation is delaying the deal’s closing.

Nokia ups forecast for worldwide mobile phone sales, 03/30/06

Nokia increased its forecast for worldwide mobile phones sales this year and announced a new tool for operators to encourage mobile phone use in emerging markets.

Class-action suit focuses on iPod music player., 03/30/06

Apple Computer’s release Wednesday of a software update to limit the volume level of its iPod music player confirms the product is flawed, U.S. attorneys involved in a class action suit against the company said.

Microsoft fails in Sun, Oracle subpoena bid, 03/30/06

A California judge denied Microsoft’s request to subpoena rivals Sun and Oracle in an order issued Wednesday.

Google plans to raise $2.1 billion in stock offering, 03/30/06

Even after amassing $8 billion in cash by the end of 2005, Google is looking for more, announcing on Wednesday that it plans to issue an additional 5.3 million shares of stock.

McAfee plans to acquire security companies, 03/29/06

Security software vendor McAfee plans to acquire security companies that have technology that can be quickly integrated with the company’s products, an executive of the Santa Clara company said Wednesday.

Google acquires stake in AOL, nails down partnership plans, 03/29/06

Google has finalized the details of its expanded partnership with Time Warner’s America Online subsidiary, including the acquisition of a 5% stake in AOL for $1 billion, Google said Wednesday in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

SAP management concedes to workers’ council, 03/29/06

SAP AG’s resistance to the establishment of a workers’ council will end Thursday when employees of the business software company will vote on a committee to organize the election of 37 employee representatives.