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Siemens resources for security educators

Apr 06, 20062 mins

* Siemens security resources available online

Part of my job as program director of the MSIA at Norwich University is to keep curriculum up to date. I regularly review the lecture materials that will be posted in upcoming seminars in our masters program and often add additional references or readings.

Recently, I was updating a module that includes penetration testing and ran across a series of short white papers authored by experts of the Insight Consulting group of Siemens. The unusual aspect, and the reason I am mentioning the papers for readers is that the company states, “You are free to distribute our white papers but please observe our copyright notice.” What a contrast with organizations that require registration for everybody who downloads even a single paper from their Web sites!

Security awareness managers will find the following papers useful for internal training for various sectors of their organizations, and university professors may also find them helpful for students:

* Telecom fraud

* Shooting phish in a barrel

* Identity Theft: Managing the risk

* Web Services and XML security

* Identity and Access Management: Employee lifecycles and roles

* New working practices and the security-aware network

* Penetration testing

* Effective intrusion detection

Attracted by the company’s generosity, I explored the Web site and found additional resources that will be helpful to my students and perhaps to your colleagues:

* The case study page has 10 reports that can be used for class discussion.

* There’s a podcast about crisis management.

* An Oracle database expert provides slides about how database administrators can help secure databases.

Thank you, Siemens!

[I have no association whatever with Siemens or Insight Consulting.]