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Cisco phases out 2600 series routers

Apr 05, 20062 mins

Latest Cisco news.

Cisco phases out 2600 series routers, 04/04/06

Cisco is retiring its 2600 series multi-service routers, one of the most widely-deployed WAN products for enterprise branches and mid-size businesses.

Cisco adds 13-slot device to storage line, 04/04/06

Cisco this week added a new member to its MDS 9500 Series line of directors — the Cisco MDS 9513 Multilayer Director, which it said can enable users to build denser storage networks.

NAC: Cisco, Microsoft offer competing access-control plans, 04/03/06

Network access control represents the most significant change in the way that networks are secured since the invention of the firewall. But it’s also contentious, confusing and – when done right – complicated.

Opinion: An educated guess as to why NAC schemes abound, 04/03/06

With Microsoft, the answer seems to be that its Network Access Protection architecture is the overgrown descendent of a fairly constrained original thought on how to detect out-of-compliance systems and quarantine them without having to make expensive …

NAC competition: Cisco’s network control, 04/03/06

Cisco’s Network Admission Control can be directly mapped to TCG’s NAC architecture. However, because Cisco is bound by the revenue reality of its installed base, the architecture comprises both compromises in and extensions beyond what TCG offers.

NAC competition, 04/03/06

Different schemes for network access control. Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft and TCG duke it out.

Letters to the editor: “Microsoft, Cisco not in sync on security”, 04/03/06

Also: a stress test of the Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) exam, VoIP call quality can improve with SSL VPN links,’Net neutrality, and more.