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Berkeley upgrades to unified messaging

Apr 05, 20062 mins

Latest VoIP news.

Berkeley upgrades to unified messaging, 04/03/06

After a lengthy review process, the university chose Interactive Intelligence and licensed its Communite unified communications software last year.

Opinion: Get a handle on next-gen networks, 04/03/06

Like generals who always seem to fight the last war, federal officials are busy trying to regulate yesterday’s networks. Listen to the buzz in Washington and you’ll come away feeling the Internet was invented in approximately 1995 and has stayed …

Convergence Weblog: Lucent-Alcatel merger signals convergence success, 04/03/06

The merger of Lucent and Alcatel means the consolidation of IP network equipment providers has begun in earnest. Typically service providers like to have more than one vendor supplying each type of equipment it buys as a hedge against gouging and the …

Impact of Alcatel, Lucent merger may take time, 04/03/06

Businesses wondering how they can benefit from the planned merger between Alcatel and Lucent may have to wait several months until the telecommunications equipment manufacturers hammer out details of their colossal linkup, analysts say.

Convergence Weblog: Retro Kosher phone does less, 03/31/06

Convergence isn’t popular with everybody. Witness the Kosher phone. According to a story in the Washington Post, an Israeli company is behind a cell phone disabled for text messaging, disabled for Internet access, disabled for voice mail and even …

Taiwan operator blames VoIP for long-distance call drop, 03/30/06

Taiwan’s largest telecommunications company Thursday blamed VoIP for part of a dropoff in long-distance revenue last year, a trend companies worldwide face as users turn to Internet services such as Skype for low cost or no cost voice calls.

Convergence Newsletter: VoiceCon: Avaya, Cisco show off their ‘best-in-show’ products, 03/29/06

Today’s we’ll offer some exhibitor highlights from the VoiceCon Spring event held earlier this month in Florida.

Qualcomm lawsuit extends patent feud with Broadcom, 03/29/06

Qualcomm has asked a federal judge in San Diego to freeze the production of wireless chipsets by Broadcom.

Convergence Weblog: Softphones may win out on price, 03/29/06

What’s the big ticket item when it comes to installing a VoIP system? Results of a model RFP that was put out at the trade show VoiceCon recently say that depending on the vendor making the proposal, the major percentage of the cost would fluctuate …