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Apple software to run XP

Apr 06, 20064 mins
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Layer 8: Apple software to run XP, 04/05/06

Apple unveiled software today that will let Intel-based Macs run Windows XP. Um, Steve? I bought a Mac specifically so I wouldn’t have to deal with Windows. The software, entitled…

Apple puts Windows XP on the Mac, 04/05/06

Apple Wednesday announced it has released beta software that lets Mac users run Microsoft’s Windows XP operating systems on Intel-based Macintosh computers.

Azaleos taps Microsoft SAN technology to better manage Exchange, 04/04/06

E-mail management vendor Azaleos said Tuesday it is adopting new remote SAN booting capabilities from Microsoft in hopes of reducing the cost and complexity of maintaining distributed Microsoft Exchange deployments while increasing availability and …

NAC: Cisco, Microsoft offer competing access-control plans, 04/03/06

Network access control represents the most significant change in the way that networks are secured since the invention of the firewall. But it’s also contentious, confusing and – when done right – complicated.

Microsoft plans all-out assault on NAS market, 04/03/06

Microsoft this week plans to launch an iSCSI initiator that allows servers to perform diskless boots from storage-area networks without expensive and specialized host bus adapter (HBA) network cards.

Microsoft: Delaying Windows products, spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt about Linux, 04/03/06

Things may be changing on the patent front. In mid-March the U.S. Supreme Court heard an important case concerning what can be patented, and soon will hear another concerning when injunctions can be employed to stop others using a technology. In …

NAC competition: Microsoft’s Network Access Protection, 04/03/06

The most significant differences between Microsoft’s Network Access Protection architecture and TCG’s Trusted Network Connect result from the fact that Microsoft doesn’t make switches or routers. Therefore, the path for handling enforcement is …

Opinion: An educated guess as to why NAC schemes abound, 04/03/06

With Microsoft, the answer seems to be that its Network Access Protection architecture is the overgrown descendent of a fairly constrained original thought on how to detect out-of-compliance systems and quarantine them without having to make expensive …

NAC competition, 04/03/06

Different schemes for network access control. Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft and TCG duke it out.

Microsoft makes Virtual Server 2005 R2 a free download, 04/03/06

Microsoft on Monday said it would remove the price tag from its Virtual Server and begin offering the virtualization technology as a free download to Windows users.

Opinion: OASIS in document desert with ODF?, 04/03/06

Even ancient information almost always has some program to unlock it. I recently found 20-year old files that were written using IBM’s DisplayWrite software. Twenty minutes later, I had a freeware program to convert them to ASCII text. Sure, put ODF …

Letters to the editor: “Microsoft, Cisco not in sync on security”, 04/03/06

Also: a stress test of the Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) exam, VoIP call quality can improve with SSL VPN links,’Net neutrality, and more.

IP telephony vendors integrate their wares with Microsoft’s platform, 04/03/06

One major trend we noticed at last month’s VoiceCon in Orlando is that the IP telephony market seems to agree that integration with Microsoft’s …

Virtualization to be a key focus at LinuxWorld conference, 04/03/06

Open source efforts to make it easier for companies to virtualize data center resources, whether they are Linux- or Windows-based, will be on full display this week at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in Boston.

Microsoft to extend Active Directory, 04/03/06

Microsoft is racing to fill gaps and integrate technology into its identity management platform before customers shift to tools from other vendors.

Bill Gates faints at baseball game? April fools!, 03/31/06

With the industry still absorbing the consumer delay of Windows Vista until next year, the folks at Microsoft have had little to smile about lately. But that hasn’t stopped the company from offering a humorous MSN search site for the second year in a …

Microsoft claims breakthrough at anti-trust hearing with EU, 03/31/06

Microsoft left a two-day anti-trust hearing in Brussels Friday claiming it had reached a breakthrough with European regulators in a dispute that may still result in the company being fined up to €2 million ($2.4 million) a day.

Microsoft hardware program may ease Vista delay fallout, 03/31/06

Even though Windows Vista won’t be available until next year, Microsoft is working with hardware partners to prepare customers for its release. Starting next month, PCs with stickers saying “Windows Vista Capable” will be in stores, letting customers …

Novell scrambles to fend off Microsoft on its old home turf, 03/31/06

With its one-time home base of Utah a symbolic battleground, Novell is scrambling to fend off user migrations to Microsoft, which has been pulling customers away in recent years.