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DataDots offer device security

Apr 06, 20063 mins
Network Security

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DataDots offer device security

The DataDot Personal DNA Kit is a theft-protection system consisting of some polyester substrate microdots (each about the size of a grain of sand) onto which unique identification information is etched by a laser (basically a PIN). The dots come in a UV-based adhesive, and users can apply the dots onto anything they want to protect, such as laptops, cell phones and PDAs.

Plus: Memorex FlashDisc: FlashDiscs are USB memory devices that hold 16MB of data each. The devices pull apart at the middle to reveal the USB port, and they are color-coded for labeling purposes.


More cell users, but fewer happy ones

As part of its annual look at wireless phone usage and customer satisfaction, J.D. Power and Associates releases a bunch of statistics during the CTIA Wireless show. Here’s a bunch of stats from this year’s study.

Cab line conversations

While waiting in what seemed to be the world’s longest taxicab line (I swear I saw someone from the Guinness Book), I had a conversation with an engineer from Qualcomm and discussed the coming emergence of Global Positioning System chips in cell phones.

Heading to CTIA 2006

The Happy Blog is packing its suitcase, gathering lucky numbers (got any for me?) and hitting the road as we head to Las Vegas for the annual CTIA wireless show, which highlights new products and services for the cellular industry.

SmartDisk launches NAS device

SmartDisk Corp. today launched a new network storage drive aimed at consumers and small businesses that want to “combine local drive simplicity with network attached storage functions.”

AOL launches mobile browsing service

It’s rare when AOL launches something that I might actually be interested in trying out, so kudos to them for this bit of news. The company today debuted new mobile information and location services, including a mobile browsing service that can automatically adapt any Web page for a mobile screen.

Das Keyboard 2: Still black, no labels

One of the greatest products ever invented (Ed: OK, that’s a bit much on the hyperbole) now has a sequel. Das Keyboard (a division of Metadot Corp.) announced the availability of Das Keyboard 2, the all-black, no labels keyboard aimed at Ubergeeks and really good touch typists.

Toshiba ships slew of notebooks

It’s beginning to feel like notebook week around here, with all of the new notebooks being launched in different styles.

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